No boats needed in Shippensburg

So why Ship?

Shippensburg, Pa. – The town is hundreds of miles from the coast and far from maritime-navigable waters, but it’s branded with the most nautical of names. The irony isn’t that its name has nothing to do with water, but that it’s the namesake of a man who never even lived here.

Shippensburg gets its name from Edward Shippen, the town’s absentee founder. According to Ethan Serr, director of the Shippensburg Historical Society, and James Stuart, a historical society volunteer and Shippensburg University alumnus, Shippen only paid for the land and was barely ever in the town.

And while the man who really ran the town Jame Burd, Shippen’s son-in-law, doesn’t play as prominently in naming history, he isn’t forgotten. The town named a street, an elementary school and a watershed, Burd Run Watershed, after him.