Recruiting event highlights activities of student media organizations

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Shippensburg, Pa. -- Amidst the excitement of SU Basketball’s Make a Wish night, Communication/Journalism’s student media organizations were doing their part to communicate with the world and document the event. As if they weren’t already busy enough, they also hosted a group of high school students interested in Ship’s Communication/Journalism program. The big event and the impressive student media work made a great combination for prospective students getting a good look at Ship. Janene Sheckells brought her daughter from Maryland for the evening. “The workshop being held the night of the basketball game was awesome, since we got to experience a social event on campus and see how the clubs covered the event,” Sheckells said.

The prospective students stepped in to the shoes of students working for The Slate newspaper, WSYC, SUTV, PRSSA and the Cumberland Yearbook with help from student media workers. Jimmy Bailey, the general manager for WSYC, showed prospective students the ins and outs of leading and running the university’s radio station. “I think it [the workshop] gave the students an opportunity to get hands-on information and a live look at what goes on,” Bailey said. “WSYC seemed to get some good responses and hopefully some future DJs.”

The college prospects visited the SUTV studio in the basement of Grove Hall and walked through studio operations for a live broadcast. They even helped with the game’s live broadcast produced out of the station’s state-of-the art live production truck. SUTV broadcasts each home basketball game and WSYC broadcasts all of the games.

Ship students loved showing off their work and encouraging people considering the program, and it showed. “My daughter loved the hands on experience of running the camera for the game and was impressed with how helpful and friendly the other students were that were part of the group. I know now she wouldn’t hesitate to join one of the clubs in her Freshman year.” Sheckells said.

While the cameras and microphones captured the action on the court, courtside PRSSA worked with prospective students to produce a press release about the Make A Wish event and live tweeted the game. The Slate Newspaper was courtside, too, giving interested students a first-hand look at what it takes to cover a live sporting event for the paper and the paper’s website. The Cumberland Yearbook hosted a contest, too, for the best layout of a mock yearbook page and an Instagram contest.

The Communication/Journalism Department and student-media organizations are always looking for bright and eager young people looking for careers in mass media and communications; they weren’t disappointed on this evening.

The department and student-media don’t limit their invitation to experience the work they do to official recruitment events. Anyone interested in getting a taste of what it’s like to be in student media can contact the department at

Basketball_ Event