The Student Media Community


By: Laura Kreiser

April 18, 2016

Competition among media professionals is fierce, so it would stand to reason that those practicing to become professionals in the industry would be competitive, too. Without question, the students who make up the student media groups

SUTV, WSYC, PRSSA, The Slate, and The Cumberland Yearbook are ambitious and competitive. What's unusual is that they also have an unparalleled feeling of community. “I think because we’re all different types of emphases we all want to see each other succeed,” says Mary Grace Keller, the editor-in-chief of The Slate. “A story breaks on campus and we [The Slate] want to cover it, but tell everyone else as well. We try to promote other student media groups and give ads and shout-outs to each other. We are making sure we’re all learning. There is also competition but more with yourself than other groups.”

It’s not just the student media leaders who feel the camaraderie of communication-based clubs. “We’re all friends,” said Matthew Trust, the public relations director for WSYC and contributing writer for The Slate. Trust is also an occasional commentator for SUTV.

When the Communication/Journalism department needs help, student media groups combine talents.

“Recently I have been able to witness and be a part of the collaboration between groups to plan and organize,” says Jessica Gill, a member of PRSSA.

So as different leaders and members combine talents on both a regular basis and for special events, the tightly-knit department is further connected through their student media groups. As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dreamwork.”