Program Specific Information

Plans of Work

Candidacy Requirements

The second admissions review occurs during the semester the student is enrolled in CNS 585, Practicum in Counseling. (Application should be made at the beginning of the semester in which the student is enrolled in this class.)

The purposes of candidacy are to:

  • Ensure that students are integrating material from the classroom to real-life experiences
  • Verify that professional goals are specific and focused
  • Clarify that students have formulated a realistic view of what they need to do to become
    effective professionals
  • Ensure that students understand and can meet ethical standards
  • Ensure that students can express themselves regarding controversial issues in the field

The process for applying for Admission to Candidacy in the Department of Counseling & CSP is:

  • Applicant files a formal Application for Admission to Candidacy Form with the Department (these are available from the Practicum instructor, advisor, or Department Secretary).
  • On the form for application, the student declares his/her chosen area of specialization.
  • The Department acknowledges receipt of the application by letter, also informing the student of the following specific procedures.
  • Before being admitted to Candidacy, the applicant must meet with his/herspecializationfacultyfrom the speciality area.

Other general candidacy requirements:

  • The applicant must have maintained a grade-point average of not less than a “B” (3.0) in all graduate courses.
  • A grade of “B” or better in CNS 578, Pre-Practicum in Counseling is required for continuance.
  • A grade of “B” or better in CNS 585, Practicum in Counseling is required for continuance.
  • The applicant shouldhave attended the New Student Orientation Meeting.
  • The department’s expectations are that the applicants have already attended a professional conference by this point. If not, they are expected to attend one prior to the completion of their Clinical Field II experience (Adv. Clinical Field for Mental Health students). Those who do not meet this requirement will receive an incomplete for the course.
  • The applicant must belong to a professional organization reflecting the students’ professional track and development.
  • Thespecialization coordinatorwill then present the application to the Department for consideration of admittance to candidacy.
  • Once a decision is made, the student will receive a letter from the Department stating this decision.

Students must have obtained candidacy in order to graduate from the program.

Portfolio Requirements

The portfolio is an organized, structured exhibit of the competencies students develop through the counseling program at Shippensburg University. The portfolio provides a history of the progress on the essential learning in the program and it helps students integrate the various component parts of the counseling curriculum.

The first review of the portfolio will take place at the time of candidacy (with the exception of Student Personnel Students, who will have theirs reviewed earlier). Candidacy will not be granted until the initial portfolio requirements are met. The final review of the portfolio will take place during CNS 589, Clinical Field Experience II (Advanced Clinical Field Experience for Mental Health students) or CNS 562, Student Personnel Work in Higher Education for Student Personnel students.

Specific portfolio requirements/guidelines are different for each specialization and may be obtained from your advisor, team leader, or Practicum instructor.

In general, most portfolios should contain:

  • Table of Contents
  • Preface explaining the purpose of the portfolio
  • Resume (in progress)
  • Philosophy of counseling
  • Statement of professional goals
  • A summary of each course completed, including it’s application to the profession. It should also include a major paper and/or project from the class.
  • Listing of professional experiences (e.g., workshops, lectures, conferences, etc.)
  • Membership in professional organizations
  • Annotated listing of books read above and beyond course work
  • An audio- or videotape and critique of a client session

Students are reminded that portfolios are a “work in progress” and should be continually updated.

Track Specific Portfolio Requirements:

Important Dates  

April 1: ALL Practicum & Field paperwork DUE!!

May 6:   Graduate Commencement Ceremony