Student Organizations

Chi Sigma Iota

Chi Sigma Iota is the international honor society for students, professional counselors and counselor educators established at Ohio University in 1985. Our mission is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.

Student Advisory Council

The purpose of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) is to make recommendations to the Department of Counseling & College Student Personnel regarding areas of student concern and possible changes and improvements for the Department. The Council is composed of  at least 4 interested students, one from each of the specializations and will meet at least two times between September and April.  In addition, the Department Chair will appoint 2 graduate assistants to serve on the Council.

Student Appeals Committee

The purpose of the Student Appeals Committee is to help determine the outcome of student grade appeals. Three students are needed for this committee which meets only in response to student appeals.

Graduate Student Association Board