Emergency Numbers

Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
Call University Counseling Center at 477-1481
Campus Police Services at 477-1444
Evenings & Weekends Please
Call Campus Police Services

The Counseling Center is the primary mental health service for the campus, and our staff are on call 24 hours a day during the academic year to respond to psychological emergencies. We work in close collaboration with the Etter Health Center, Campus Police, Dean of Students, and other offices in emergency situations.

Examples of psychological emergencies include:

  • Suicide threat or attempts;
  • Rape, sexual assault, or other trauma;
  • Severely disorganized, psychotic, or out of control behavior

In general, if a student's immediate safety is at risk then it is an emergency. If you have doubts as to whether a situation truly is an emergency, please call and discuss it with us. We might decide it is serious enough to warrant immediate intervention or we might set up a short-term follow-up plan for other urgent problems.

In the event of an emergency during the academic year, a student will be seen by a member of the senior staff as soon as possible. During regular working hours (8:30am-5:00pm) a student can come directly to the University Counseling Center in the Wellness Center, Naugle Hall, Lower Level, or call the office at 477-1481.

Emergency service is also available outside of business hours, at night, and on weekends by calling the Campus Police at 477-1444. They will contact the counselor on call for the day. If the counselor determines that the student should be evaluated immediately, we will make arrangements to see the student at Etter Health Center or pursue crisis intervention services through community mental health resources.

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Other Campus Resources Include:


Office of Public Safety/Campus Police
Etter Health Services
Dean of Students Office
Women's Center
Office of Disability Services


Community Resources Include:


In Cumberland County:
Holy Spirit Crisis Intervention
Rape/Crisis Hotlines of Cumberland/Perry County
Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland/Perry County
800-852-2102 or 258-4249
In Franklin County:
Crisis Intervention Services
Women in Need Victim Services
800-994-2555 or 264-2555
800-621-6660 or 264-4444