Criminal Justice Minor

Students who are currently completing another major may minor in criminal justice. Criminal justice courses often complement courses taken in other majors, including psychology, political science, sociology, and chemistry. In order to declare a minor, students must complete the major/minor declaration form located on the registrar's website. You can access the form by clicking here. Given the high demand on the Criminal Justice Department, there are a limited number of spaces available within the criminal justice minor. Further, students interested in minoring in criminal justice must declare within the first three weeks of the semester.

In order to complete a minor in criminal justice, students must take 18 credit hours of criminal justice courses, passing each course with a "C" or higher. Students are required to complete 4 core courses and 2 elective courses.  In order to review the required courses, please see the Criminal Justice Minor Planning Sheet below.

Criminal Justice Minor Planning Sheet (PDF)

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