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Students who did not schedule during their registration time ticket window or who need to make changes to their schedule can do so during schedule clean-up held April 27-May 8. 

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Department of Criminal Justice
321 Shippen Hall 
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 
1871 Old Main Drive 
Shippensburg, PA 17257-2299

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Academic Internship Student Exit Survey


Academic Standing:  


Semester of Internship: 



Please take a few moments to tell us about your academic internship experience by completing this survey.  The information you provide will assist the department in its efforts to ensure student internships are informative and rewarding experiences.

  1.  # Credit Hours:
  2. Agency of Internship:
  3. Location:
  4. Briefly describe the main tasks/duties you performed during your internship:
  5. Using the scale below, please respond to the following statements concerning the overall quality of your internship experience.

    1=Strongly Disagree  2=Disagree   3=Neutral   4=Agree 5=Strongly Agree
    1. This internship helped me todevelop skills relevant to my field
    2. This internship helped me to improve my professional competence
    3.  This internship allowed me to gain valuable information regarding the roles and  responsibilities of individuals within the agency
    4. This internship allowed me to identify, develop and create solutions to work-related problems
    5. This internship allowed me to utilize and apply theoretical concepts and knowledge learned in the classroom with real-world employment situations
    6. I was provided opportunities to benefit from different staff members’ areas of special knowledge or expertise
    7. I feel the experiences and training I received on my internship are highly relevant to my career field
    8. Overall, my internship experience was positive
    9. I would recommend this agency to other students interested in an internship in this area
  6. Regarding (9) above (would you recommend this agency to other students interested in an internship in this area), can you please explain why or why not?
  7. Explain what was most satisfying about your internship experience? Be specific.
  8. Explain what was least satisfying about your internship experience? Be specific.
  9. Is there anything you did not experience, but were hoping to experience through your internship? Be specific.
  10. Do you have any suggestions regarding ways in which the Criminal Department can improve the internship experience for students?