Leader@SHIP is the student leadership program at Shippensburg University provided through the University Union & Student Activities (CUB) Office. The site is currently being rebuilt, but please view the leadership opportunities available to you at SHIP!

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Registration Deadline: Friday August 12th

Mission Statement as of February 2015

Leader@SHIP serves as a comprehensive Student Leadership Program under the University Union & Student Activities (CUB) Office that develops students' critical leader/follower capacities through theory-based learning, skill-building, and practical experiences.

Learning Outcomes as of February 2015

  • Students demonstrate mastery in a variety of leadership skills and theories
  • Student group leaders and advisors will be competent in relevant Student Affairs and University policies and procedures
  • University community celebrates accomplishments through appropriate recognition mechanisms such as: award nominations, grants, letters or recommendation, etc.
  • University community members actively utilize the leadership education resources

Leader@SHIP Goals as of February 2015

  • Provide leadership development education via seminars, symposia, retreats, conferences, and experiential learning reflecting a wide range of theories and paradigms
  • Offer leadership education resources
  • Enhance leadership in student groups with consulting and facilitation services
  • Implement with Student Senate consistent training for student groups' leaders and advisors
  • Recognize and celebrate student group accomplishments

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The mission of Leader@SHIP is to engage students outside of the classroom in a holistically empowering way and provide challenging experiences that promote intellectual, social, ethical, and psychological growth. Leader@SHIP is committed to fostering the development of student leaders in their professions and communities through the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership from the Student Leadership Challenge. Through self-exploration and experiential opportunities, we strive to cultivate the development of leadership values and strengths, multiculturalism and activism, interpersonal connections, and civic engagement that will complement the student's passion and future aspirations.

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Click here to explore involvement opportunities on and off campus! Join student clubs and organizations, find internship and volunteer opportunities, and get engaged with a small community service project! Don't forget to register your group/organization for the SIS Fair by Friday, August 12th!

Do you want to Make SHIP Happen? Become a Leader@SHIP and help develop the new leadership development program to kick off the fall semester 2016!

Contact Information

Kelsey Roman
Interim Assistant Director for Student Group Services & Leadership Development
University Union & Student Activities (CUB)

Phone:  (717) 477-1560
Fax:  (717) 477-4035
Email:  karoman@ship.edu

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