Current ESC Committee Members (faculty and staff)

Turi Braun - Department of Exercise Science
Nipa Browder - Human Resources
Lance Bryson - Exec. Director - Facilities Management and Planning
Tony Cecere- Director of Housing
Alan Cresswell- Department of Physics
Lisa Cline- SU AFSME President
Benjamin Culbertson - Visual Arts Department
Thomas Feeney -Department of Geography-Earth Science
Thomas Frielle- Department of Chemistry
Steven Haas - Department of Psychology
Tim Hawkins - Department of Geography-Earth Science
Todd Hurd- Department of Biology
Nick Iula- Campus Dining Services Director
Claire Jantz - Department of Geography-Earth Science
Robert Koch- Custodial Services Manager
Sarah Komisar-(student-co-chair)
Theo Light- Department of Biology
Tim Maret- Department of Biology
Barry McClanahan - Associate Dean of Students
Heather Sahli - Department of Biology (co-chair)
Roger Serr - VP of Student Affairs
Denny Terrell- VP of Administration and Finance
Hong Wang - Department of Human Communication Studies
Curtis Zaleski- Department of Chemistry


Dr.Steven Haase 
faculty co-chair

Julia Saintz 
student co-chair