Recycling Guidelines

What and how to recycle on campus:

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SU recycles glass bottles, aluminum cans, steel containers, and numbers 1 and 2 plastic containers. Glass, aluminum, steel and plastic can be commingled. Place empty containers in the blue plastic recycling bins, located on every floor of all campus buildings.

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Mixed paper and newspaper can be commingled and should be placed in rectangular, metal, slotted recycling bins, located on every floor of all campus buildings.

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Corrugated cardboard should be flattened and placed near the buildings' loading dock, or other preferred location (i.e. near the mixed paper recycling bin).

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All types of batteries should be placed in the clearly labeled battery recycling boxes, located in most academic buildings.

Frequently asked recycling questions:

  • Why should I recycle?
    Recycling reduces consumption of Earth's resources. Recycling also saves landfill space, limiting the number of landfills needed.
  • How do I know my recycling gets recycled?
    Recycling is collected in clear bags, while trash is collected in dark bags. Clear and dark bags are transported together to a waste facility where they are sorted and handled appropriately. If your recylables are not going intoclear bags, they are not being recycled.
  • What if my recycling is being put in a dark trash bag?
    Fix it! Contact the Custodial Service Manager (x1453 or to get this issue resolved.
  • What if there is trash in the recycling bin?
    50% of trash contamination is tolerated in each recycling container. Exceeding that amount results in the recyclables being thrown away.
  • What if there is not a recycling bin right next to the trash can?
    SU makes every effort to co-locate trash and recycling bins. However, if you don't see a recycling bin right next to a trash can, walk the extra few steps to a nearby recycling container.
  • What if SU doesn't recycle something that I want recycled?
    Look on-line and find out where you can take your item to be recycled. There are several recycling facilities surrounding SU, including Big Spring Recycling Depot and the New Hope Recycling Center. See for more details.
  • Where can I go to find more information?
    Questions about recycling on campus should be directed to the Custodial Services Manager, Physical Plant, 477-1453, or
  • How can I spread the word?
    Direct your friends, colleagues and students to this website. You can alsodownload and print a flyer that contains all of this information.


Dr.Steven Haase 
faculty co-chair

Julia Saintz 
student co-chair