B. A. English with Secondary Certification 

Department of English 

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For further information on the Certification Program, contact:

Dr. Thomas Crochunis, Dr. Erica Galioto, Dr. Shannon Mortimore, or Dr. Dan Shiffman, English Department

Office location (English Department): DHC 128

Office telephone: 717-477-1495


Dean James Mike, College of Arts and Sciences

Office location: DHC 223

Office telephone: 717-477-1151


 Dean James Johnson, College of Education and Human Services, Certification Officer for Shippensburg University

 Office location: Shippen 352

 Dr. Nellie Cyr, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Services, Shippen 360, ncyr@ship.edu

 Dr. Herbert L. Steffy, Director of Field Experience and Partnerships, Shippen 352A, hlsteffy@ship.edu