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"There‚Äôs a stigma with the English major that it will either lead to deadbeat jobs or the only thing you could be is a teacher, which is just plain wrong. Now more than ever, the world needs people who are trained to make good arguments and have exceptional writing skills, which is exactly what English majors are trained to do." - Anna D'Orazio, '20. 



Course Spotlight

Each semester, we highlight a few unique courses being offered each semester. After choosing the courses, we interview the instructors and ask them what their students will be learning and what they'd like their students to take away from the course. 

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    ENG 341 - Teaching Writing in the Secondary Schools

    Dr. Erica Galioto | Fall 2018: T/Th 8-9:30 AM                                    I believe that secondary English teachers need more than practical writing techniques to make writing meaningful in their classrooms. In this class, we will also consider what it is like to be an adolescent today, what forms of expression they enjoy using, what struggles affect their ability to perform well in the classroom, and what to do when they express pain in their words. Our goal will be to relate writing instruction to the adolescent experience in effective, relevant, and significant ways.