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Horner Senior Sem Fall 17

Fall 2017 Senior Seminar - Sacred and Profane: Love and Desire in Medieval Literature – Dr. Horner

Love in the middle ages may seem conventionally romantic; love stories were all about jousting knights and damsels in distress—or were they? This course looks at varieties of love in medieval French and English literature from the sacred (Lives of Saints and mystical autobiographies) to the profane (Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales). We’ll read extensively and we’ll think through medieval and modern theories of the body and material culture.

At the end of the semester, student will present research from the course at Reisner Dining Hall’s Dining Through the Times, a historical dining experience featuring medieval and Renaissance recipes.

Also, the seminar will feature, for the first time, an in-depth focus on professional development. Students will attend workshops on job searching, resume writing, and mock interviewing, and they’ll prepare resumes and cover letters of their own in order to start looking ahead to life after college. By the end of the semester, all students in the course will have a professional resume and cover letter suitable for, we believe, a successful job search in English.

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"The people you meet here are truly a second family. You will have professors who support you and open your mind and heart to all the possibilities and English degree brings." - Korina Bachman, '18

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"There is a readily-available support system for all students, regardless of major. All of our professors are prepared to go above and beyond to help a student."
- Rachel Smith, '19