English Minor


The Department of English offers undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who graduate with a B.A. in Literary Studies, a B.A. with Writing Emphasis, or a B.A. with Secondary Certification have learned to read critically and write intelligently about literature and related fields. They will be familiar with works in drama, prose and poetry from both the Western and non-Western traditions, and have a knowledge of the structures of language, the genres in which literature is classified, the historical contexts of literature, and the various methodologies that facilitate the analysis and understanding of literature. Most important, graduates in English have some insight into the world of ideas, their own and those of others.


Students in English begin their studies by enrolling in a core of introductory courses that gives them a basic, general understanding of literature. They continue their studies by enrolling in elective courses that allow in-depth examination of certain historical periods, identities, genres, literary movements. Seniors take a capstone seminar. Upon approval, many students complete internships, study abroad, or complete undergraduate research projects. Shippensburg English majors regularly travel to regional and national conferences to present their original research and creative work.

English majors study English, American, and World literatures; the English language; and all levels and genres of writing. They become proficient in research methods, online technologies, digital literacies, and multimodal learning. Many majors choose to supplement their programs with a double major, with teaching certification, or with a minor in another academic discipline.

Career Opportunities

More career opportunities are opening for college and university graduates who can read and write well. Because success in most professions demands effective thinking, the study of English is excellent preparation for careers in law, medicine, education, technical writing, journalism, theology, personnel, marketing, management, administration, publishing, and writing. Few majors prepare students so well for a variety of careers as English does.

Upon graduation, Shippensburg English majors and minors follow a variety of post-graduate educational and professional paths. Many embark on careers in publishing, communications, marketing, government, administration and related fields. Others follow careers in technical writing, web content developing, and online publishing. English majors who pursue teaching certification use their specialized training to find teaching positions across Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. Others earn graduate degrees in English, Creative Writing, Law and other professional specialties from prominent research universities.

English Minor (18 crs.)

Required (3 crs.)
ENG130 Literary Studies for the English Major and Minor
This course is a required prerequisite for all English Minors enrolling in 300- or 400-level English courses.

Electives (15 crs.)
Five additional English courses, two of which (6 credits) must be 300- or 400-level. General education courses in English may not be used to fulfill free electives. May include an internship, up to three credits.