2013 PASSHE SUMMIT EVALUATION: Thursday Session Four

Please complete this page and place it in an evaluation drop box as you leave the room for dinner.
Indicate your level of agreement for each statement by circling one of the following:

Strongly Agree (SA); Agree (A), Disagree (D); Strongly Disagree (SD); Not Applicable (NA)

Please select the letter corresponding to the session you attended: 


  1.  Presentation was well organized. 
  2. Presentation addressed each of the summit goals:  
    a. To focus on those issues that are critical to access and  success for students and employees. 

    b. To showcase best practices, research, theoretical models, policy and planning issues, case studies, interactive training and model programs, assessment and curricular and pedagogical

    c. To identify and develop diversity outcomes for functional, affinity and institutional groups that foster ongoing systemwide networks for monitoring access and success for system students and employees. 

  3. Visual aids were clear and helpful. 

  4. Length of presentation was adequate for the topic. 

  5. The presenter(s) was knowledgeable in the subject area. 
  6. Presenter's interaction with the participants was fair, objective and respectful. 
  7. I would recommend this session to others. 

  8. Overall the presentation was effective. 

Additional comments: 



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