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Request for Proposals

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is proud to sponsor the 7th Annual PASSHE Summit on November 21 and 22, 2013 at Shippensburg University.

This year’s summit has expanded to recognize Disability Services as another key component of Inclusive Excellence. This more encompassing focus is reflected in the conference theme, Expanding Our Community Together, through which we invite participants to examine where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going. Just as mapmakers’ views of the world changed as new lands were explored, so too does our understanding of diversity/inclusive excellence change as new theories and ideas are shared. Please join us in expanding our community future together by submitting a proposal today.

Aligned with our core mission of the PASSHE Summit in promoting promising practices across the system to enhance our cultural climate, the conference committee invites scholars and educators to submit presentation proposals that examine and highlight inclusive efforts within PASSHE and throughout the national higher education landscape.

The program committee invites faculty, professional staff, graduate and undergraduate students to submit their ideas, inspirations and innovative presentations that reflect the essence of this year’s conference theme. The committee highly encourages joint faculty-student presentations. Please submit proposals in one of the following areas that fit within the framework of the conference mission.

  1. Theoretical Model: focus on concepts, principle, ideas, theories or ways of formulating apparent relationships or underlying principles of certain observed phenomena. Examples might include discussions of the intersection of race and class or the application of personal and political empowerment theories to ethnic consciousness building.
  2. Policy Issues and/or Long- & Short-Range Planning: focus on design, adoption, implementation, and/or content of a set of governing principles, related issues, and decision-making processes and/or focus on the formulation, content, and implementation of specific, tactical, strategic, or comprehensive plans.
  3. Case Studies/Model Programs/Creative Works: focus on description and analysis of the development, substance, and/or response to specific situations, incidents, and programs.
  4. Interactive Training: focus involving significant interaction between the facilitator(s) and session attendees and designed to result in growth and enhanced awareness through introspection, interaction, and experiential learning.
  5. Curricular/Pedagogical Models: focus on the development and substance of specific course content in either required or optional courses, as well as in both credit and non-credit formats; or that focus on issues and styles of teaching and learning.
  6. Research/Assessment/Evaluation: focus on reporting the findings of specific studies or assessments and/or that treat issues relating to research and evaluation methodology.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Please submit your completed program proposals electronically and in Microsoft Word format to Presentation proposals will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the 2013 PASSHE Summit. Selected proposals will be notified within 5 days of submission deadline and will be emailed to the LEAD PRESENTER ONLY.

If your proposal is accepted, all presenters will be expected to attend the conference and pay for applicable registration(s), travel, and lodging accordingly. If all presenters of accepted proposals do not register for the 2013 PASSHE Summit within the timeline prescribed, the session may be cancelled or replaced. A reduced registration fee of $50.00 is offered for undergraduate students who co-present with faculty.

Proposals are to include:

Program Title (Maximum of 50 characters and spaces)

Program Synopsis (For publication in conference program, maximum of 100 words)

Presentation Description (Include presentation learning outcomes; summary of presentation; presentation method – panel, lecture, large/small group discussion, performance, roundtable, poster session, media; relevance to the conference theme; targeted audience; and description of accompanying AV, materials or handouts, maximum of 150 words)

Program/Session Type (60 minute format)

Presenter(s) (Contact Information – name, position, institution, address, phone, email; please indicate one Lead Presenter/Contact Person)

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