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MARC-ACSM 2013 Student Presentations

"Normative Data for Overhead Back and Between-the-Legs Front Throws”

Todora, J., & Meyer, B.


“The Effects of Ankle Taping and Bracing on Agility, Vertical Jump, and Power”

Leonard, T., Rotay, S., Paulson, S., & Sanders, J.


“The Effects of Fish Oil Supplementation on Cardiovascular Health”

Merk, L., Michael, C., Rackley, S., O’Brien, K., Kramarenko, J., Sanders, J.

This was also presented at the 2013 PASSHE-STEM conference.


“The Influence of Prophylactic Ankle Strategies on Vertical Jump Performance”

Nelson, C., & Paulson, S.

This was also presented at the 2013 PASSHE-STEM conference.


“The Effects of a Pedometer-based Walking Program on Cardio-Metabolic Profile among 
the University’s Workforce”

Weiss, H., & Veerabhadrappa, P.


“The Effect of Music Tempo on Squat Performance”

Burket, J., Eubank, T., Reed, C., & Sanders, J.


“Effects of Simple Carbohydrate vs. Carbohydrate-Protein Intake on Glucose Homeostasis Following Intense Exercise”

Kluka, J., Baskerville, J., Clifton, K., Fisher, K., Marks, D., Weidner, C., Veerabhadrappa, P. & Braun, W.A.