Exercise Science Minor

The Exercise Science Minor is designed to provide students with content from a breadth of disciplines in the exercise science field. The minor is ideal for students who are interested in broadening their experience and knowledge base in the study and analysis of principles related to human movement. The minor provides students with an introductory grounding in physiological principles that help us understand not only how human systems respond to exercise stress, but also how the body changes with chronic exercise stress. Students will acquire information on various domains in the field including exercise physiology, exercise psychology, the acquisition of motor skills, principles of nutrition, and injury prevention and treatment strategies. Students also benefit from applied learning experiences in all classes. Such opportunities allow students to apply course principles and develop new skills. Faculty-directed student research is just one example of the hands-on learning experiences students can expect at Shippensburg University.

The Exercise Science minor is open to undergraduate, graduate, and non-matriculating students.


The Exercise Science Minor is a total of 18 semester hours (4 required courses, 2 elective courses), in addition to the two prerequisite courses. Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all of these courses to complete the minor successfully.

Before applying for the minor, students must complete the following prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of “C” in both: Human Biology (BIO 150) and General Psychology (PSY 101).

Upon admittance into the minor, students must take four required courses and two elective courses within Exercise Science.

The four required courses are: Physiological Basis of Sport (ESC 243), Mechanical Analysis of Sports Skills (ESC 244), Introduction to Kinesiology (ESC 250), and Psychology of Physical Activity (ESC 352).

Students must also choose two of the following courses: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (ESC 340), Motor Behavior (ESC 336), or Nutrition for Sport & Fitness (ESC 350).

Admissions Requirements

  1. A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required.
  2. A change of major/minor form provided by the Dean of your current major.
  3. Completion of BIO 150 and PSY 101 with a “C” or better.