Student Internships

Exercise Science is a hands-on field and the career paths that students take require they be able to use and apply what they have learned. As such, the Exercise Science Department requires students in the major to complete an internship once all of their exercise science coursework is completed. These experiences are a chance for students to apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities they acquired while in college. By completing an internship, our students gain valuable real-world experiences that allow them to develop relevant competencies that support their career goals.

Students are responsible for selecting their own internship site, but they can complete an internship in any area and at any location so long as it fits with their career goals. In the past 5 years, our students have completed internships at over 120 different sites across the country, mostly at locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland. This gives students the flexibility to intern at a site that will be best for them, ensuring the experience is relevant and advances their career. 

Current students seeking information about eligibility, prerequisites, and grading should view the Internship Requirements page.