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Department of Exercise Science
Exercise Science Internship Information

Exercise science majors are required to complete an internship once he/she has successfully passed all major courses. They have the opportunity to engage in an experience where the student can nurture their skills and further their experience in the field of their own career interests. Some of these areas include: physical therapy, occupational therapy, personal training, cardiac rehabilitation programs, research, and athletic training. Currently, the Department of Exercise Science has over 100 internship sites.  

General Information

  1. The purpose of the internship is to: 
    1. Provide an opportunity through which exercise science majors can gain experience in an appropriate setting which supports their career goals. 
    2. Give students an opportunity to apply the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) which they acquired during their undergraduate education. 
    3. Provide a setting in which students can develop professional awareness, define career goals and further develop competencies required within their field of work. 
  2.  Student must be eligible for the internship. 
    1. Student must be an Exercise Science major with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher 
    2. Student must be in their final year of coursework with the completion of all major courses. 
  3. Student must attend the Department internship meeting the 4th week of the semester prior to the planned internship. Refer to flyers posted on Exercise Science major’s bulletin board. 
  4. The following information will be handed out at the meeting or in advance of the meeting you may pick up the information at the Department office. 
    • Check sheet handout
      • Complete all information on the check sheet 
      • The information must be completed by the end of the semester prior to your planned internship. 
    • Internship Application handout - Should be completed before the midterm advising period. 
    • Internship Placement Information 
      • Choose an internship site. 
      • Complete all information on the internship placement form before the end of the semester.  The site must be approved by the Faculty Coordinator and the Department Chair.
  5. Internship approval by the Department of Exercise Science and the completion of all components of the check sheet must occur before the start of the internship.  
  6. Student Evaluation of Internship experience – the intern will be responsible for an exit interview for the purpose of evaluating the internship experience.  This is not for a grade but is a required component for the completion of the internship and needs to completed before the submission of final grades. 

Internship Hours Requirement.  

  • The student must complete three clock hours per week for each declared credit.  This continues for 12 weeks starting with the beginning of the third week of the semester.
    • 12 credit hours = 36 hours/week for a total of 432 hours/semester
    • 9 credit hours = 27 hours/week for a total of 324 hours/semester
    • 6 credit hours = 18 hours/week for a total of 216 hours/semester
  • The Internship site determines the weekly scheduling of the hours, but the total number of hours must comply with the above numbers.
  • Grading:
    • The final grade will be in a pass/fail format.
    • The final grade will be determined by the faculty coordinator. 

Evaluation Process – The final grade will be determined using the following guidelines. 

  1. Journal
    • The student must maintain a daily journal.
    • The journal should address: (1) date and hours worked, (2) work experience, and (3) personal thoughts for the day. 
  2. Research Paper or Case Study
  3. Presentation to the Department of Exercise Science or Reflective Essay
  4. Supervisor's Evaluation of the Intern
  5. Faculty Site Visit and/or Contact: The faculty coordinator will make at least one contact with the host organization during the semester. 

Internship Clearance Information

All exercise science majors will need to have the following clearances and certifications on file prior to starting an internship.

  1. Act 34 Request for Criminal Record Check: May apply online - Criminal History Request Form (SP4-164)  
  2. Act 151 Child Abuse History: Form available online - PA Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY 113)  
  3. TB Test: Offered on-campus by Etter Health Center
  4. Adult CPR/AED certification: Must have a hands-on component in the certification course 
  5. First Aid certification: Must have a hands-on component in the certification course
  6. Proof of Liability Insurance, Options include
    •  Healthcare Providers Service Organization – 
    •  Marsh Affinity Group Services - 
    • Also available from ACSM or NSCA for members