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 2012 Undergraduate Presentations of the ASCM MARC Regional Conference

 “Can standing long jump distance be predicted from between-the-legs front throw distance?” 

Flott, A. Slonaker, K.,  Spratford, K., & Meyer, B.


 “Can standing long jump distance be predicted from standing vertical jump distance?”  

Merk, L., Michael, C., & Meyer, B.


 “Can between-the-legs front throw distance be predicted from overhead back throw distance?”  

 Nelson, C., Weiss, H., Taylor, L., & Meyer, B. 


 “Effects of eccentric muscle work on acute and delayed torque and force generation”  

Guy, J., & Braun, W.A.


 “The effects of foam rolling and static stretching on flexibility and acute muscle soreness”  

Howe, E., Lininger, A., Schlegel, L., Harwell, A., Paulson, S., Braun, W. A. & Sanders, J. Im


 “The influence of exercise intensity on post-exercise appetite response”  

Gilson, T., Pamperien, C., Parmer, M., Clugh, J., Allen, M., Paulson, S., & Braun, W. A.


 “The psychological and physiological effects of music on athletic performance”  

Malloy, B., Baughman, C., Maize, R., Paulson, S., Zientek, C., & Braun W. A.


 “The acute effects of l-arginine on recovery and resistance exercise”  

Garcia, A., Hlasney, J., Frost, J., Braun, W. A., & Sanders J., Im


“Effects of creatine monohydrate vs. creatine hydrochloride on muscle endurance performance”  

Naylor, K., Albright, C., Liggitt, C., Kolenc, A., Robinson, R., Braun, W. A., & Sanders, J. Im.


“The effects of caffeine on anaerobic performance”  

Varley, E., DeAntonio, A., Wineholt, J., Digirolomo, A., & Sanders, J. Im