2007 Undergraduate Research Presentation at ACSM MARC Regional Conference

The effects of lower body water immersion on repeated bouts of cycling to fatigue”  

Bloomer, L. L., Humes, W. E., Braun, W. A., & Paulson, S. 


“The influence of eccentric muscle loading on cycle performance in a glycogen-reduced state”  

Griffith, I. J., Strauss, J., & Braun, W. A. 


“No effect of ankle-taping on cardio-respiratory response to treadmill running”  

Root, J. L., Donley, F. J., Paulson, S., & Braun, W. A. 


“Lower extremity kinematics during running with the ankles taped and not taped”  

Donley, F. J., Root, J. L., Braun, W. A., & Paulson, S. 


The acute kinematic changes of resisted sprinting”  

Moiyallah, R., Richards, M., & Paulson, S. 


“The impact of creatine monohydrate supplementation on resting oxygen consumption  

and substrate utilization”  

Pieper, M., Robinson, R. E., & Blass, A.