2009 Undergraduate Research Presentations at ACSM MARC Regional Conference

“Influence of post-occlusive reactive hyperemia on muscle performance and oxygen recovery”

Ruth, A., Beckley, L., Myers, B., & Sanders, J. Im.

“Downhill priming fails to confer running economy benefits following a downhill run”

Humerick, R., Hart, A., Adams, S., Volk, M., Sanders, J. Im, & Braun, W. A.

“No influence of training status on resting and post-exercise glucose clearance”

Stoneroad, A., Buchanan A., Sanders, J. Im, & Braun, W. A.

“Effects of an employee-based walking program on selected physical fitness measures”

Wade, A., Paulson, S., Robinson, R., Haas, D., & Sipes, D.

“Effects of various warm-up strategies on anaerobic performance in female lacrosse athletes”

Humes, W. E., Shrader, S., Kopicki, K., Geesaman, T., & Paulson, S.

“Effects of newly designed shinfins vs. foot fins on swimming performance in college females”

Eastep, N., Yoder, K., Donovan, K., Barley, D. & Paulson, S.