2011 Undergraduate Research Presentations at ACSM MARC Regional Conference

“Influence of an exercise program on posture, physical fitness, and group cohesion in university employees”

Lahovski, J., Paulson, S., Rossi, J., Whittemore, K., Walck, M., Kalinowski, K., Fisher, K., & Jones, C.

“The effect of caffeine on delayed onset muscle soreness in the upper extremity”

Wright, L., Adejayan, A., Barndt, K., McDannell, L, Sanders, J. Im, & Braun, W.A.

“The effects of music tempo on cardiorespiratory responses during sub-maximal aerobic exercise”

Barr, N., Malinak, E., Morant, D., Braun, W. A., & Sanders, J. Im

“The effects of Armourbite™ on physiological variables and exercise performance”

D’Innocenzo, F., Fritz, T., Ranson, D., Wolf, D., & Sanders, J. Im

The effects of exercise intensity on blood glucose clearance and blood flow”

Summers, E., Paylor, S., Carden, N., Witgenstein, K., Sanders, J. Im, Paulson, S.,

& Braun, W.A.

“Effect of ankle taping on joint displacement and range of motion during vertical jump”

Heebner, E., Black, T., Newton, M., Kern, A., McCleaf, C., & Paulson, S.

“Running economy and biomechanical observations between barefoot and shod running conditions”

Kulbitsky, A., Bittinger, M., Krammer, T., Phillips, T., Paulson, S., & Braun, W. A.

“A kinematic analysis of the softball windmill pitch”

Monroig, N., Powers, L., Washington, J., Stultz, N., & Meyer, B.