Construction Projects

Renovate Horton Basement Bathrooms

  • Modernizes these bathrooms.

Construct On-Campus Student Housing, Phase 2

  • Constructs three new residence halls on the site of the demolished Lackhove, Kieffer and McCune residence halls for a total of 924 new beds. Construction started January 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by August 2014. This is a Shippensburg University Student Services Inc. (SUSSI) project.

Heiges Field House Projects

  • Replace Heiges Sound System: Provides new sound system in the arena area.
  • Remove Men’s Locker Room Bases: Remove locker bases and patch floor in area to be converted to storage.
  • Replace Walkway Lights: Provides new pedestrian lighting on the Lancaster Drive side of the building.
  • Carpet Coaches Offices: Provides new carpeting in several coaches offices.

Refit Hoffman Mills for University Occupancy

  • The University is leasing warehouse space from the SU Foundation at the former Hoffman Mills building along Earl Street across from campus. This project prepares the space to move Shipping and Receiving as well as the University Moving crew while providing space to relocate existing storage areas on campus.

Reroof Baseball Field Dugouts

  • In house project is a regular life cycle replacement of the existing roofs.

Paint Water Tower

  • Regular life cycle recoating of the interior and exterior of the water tower.

Replace Shippen Stairwell Finishes

  • The existing stair tread covers and landing will be removed and replaced with new durable finishes.

Recoat Henderson Gym Ladies Locker Room Floor

  • Provides new epoxy flooring over the existing bare concrete finish. Two locker bases also removed.

Wright Hall Projects

  • Replace Stairwell Finishes: Provide new rubber flooring in the stairwells and landings.
  • Carpet First Floor for Academic Success Program: Replaces the flooring in the area vacated by the Counseling program for occupancy by the Academic Success Program.

Grove Hall Projects

  • Replace Classroom Blinds throughout the building
  • Carpet Room 202
  • Renovation of the front wall of Room 401 to accommodate upgrades to the room video conferencing system

Huber Projects

  • Improve Huber Ventilation in Room 215: Provides additional ventilation for painting studio to address use of specialty paints.
  • Sound Attenuation at Exterior Lab: Install acoustical spray on the underside of the exterior sculpture lab to reduce generated sound in that area.

Replace Franklin Science Center Roof

  • Regular life cycle replacement of the roof.

Replace Martin House Soffit and Paint

  • Provides selected replacement of soffit areas of the Martin House as well as painting the entire exterior.

Paving Projects

  • Repair Old Main Drive and Construct New Parking Lot Next to Stewart Hall: Reconstructs Old Main Drive between North Prince and the area in front of Old Main. Also constructs a new parking lot between Stewart and Shearer Halls and closes the roadway on the quad side of Stewart Hall.
  • Rebuild Faculty Staff Lot 4 at the Softball Field: Completely rebuilds this failed surface with new asphalt.

Replace Seth Grove Stadium Temporary Roof Top Structures

  • Replace deteriorated shelters on top of the press box that are used by SUTV.

Install MCT Ventilation for Electroplater

  • Provide exhaust system for new electroplater.

Re-strip Seth Grove Stadium Track

  • Re-stripes the track as part of the warranty with the recent track renovation.

Install Lehman Library Reception Desk

  • Provides a new reception desk closer to the entry of the library for responding to patron questions.

Install Dauphin Humanities Center Floor Heating System

  • Provides heat in the department offices that extend beyond the floor below and are subject to cold floor temperatures.

Replace CUB Roof

  • Replaces a portion of the roof over the original mechanical room.

Presidents Hall, Seavers Hall, McLean Hall II

  • Install Windbreaks at Main Entry Doors: Installs wing walls at each of these entrances to address the problem with wind racking the doors.

Replace Wellness Center Ceiling Tiles

  • Replace acoustical ceiling tiles in selected rooms to reduce echoing.

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