Organizational Goals and Objectives


The objective of the Facilities Management and Planning Department is to provide quality, timely, cost effective operation, maintenance, and construction of facilities to the maximum extent allowed by statutory, administrative and fiscal limitations, giving priority to work in direct support of the university mission and work required to safeguard life and property.


Customer Service

Know who our customers are and develop a relationship with them that provides for unequaled and continuously improving service.

Effectiveness and Frequency

To achieve the optimum effectiveness and efficiency to:

  • Respond to facilities work requests
  • Reduce backlog of facilities work requests
  • Perform scheduled preventive maintenance in each facility
  • Address deferred maintenance
  • Execute minor project work

To achieve the appropriate level to:

  • Delegate accountability, responsibility, and authority
  • Make sound judgment between competing requirements
  • Plan, schedule, assign, control, follow-up, report and evaluate performance

To achieve the recruitment and retention of employees to:

  • Meet required knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Seek opportunity for development
  • Demonstrate core values
    • Integrity: adherence to the university code of moral and ethical standards
    • Quality: conformance with properly prescribed requirements
    • Professionalism: performance to the standards of one's occupation, trade or profession
    • Morale: the family spirit binding the team - enthusiasm, camaraderie, loyalty to each other