Graduate Student Association Board (GSAB)

The Graduate Student Association Board (GSAB) is the primary organization for graduate students at Shippensburg University. By being enrolled as a graduate student at Ship, you are a member!

GSAB seeks to:

  • Promote harmonious relationships among graduate students, faculty, and administrators
  • Provide a means of expressing the needs of graduate students to the university
  • Ensure our rights, privileges, and responsibilities as members of the campus community

The main purpose of the association is to connect with and advocate for the more than 1,300 graduate students at Shippensburg. You're invited to become involved in the organization by sharing feedback or concerns with the GSAB leadership and committee representatives and by attending our monthly meetings and semester socials.

Whether you're a prospective or current grad student, we wish you well in your studies at Ship, and we look forward to seeing you at a future meeting or GSAB event!

Shippensburg University Governance Document

To view the proposed changes to the Governance Document, click here.