The Executive Board and General Members of GSAB volunteer to serve on a variety of campus boards and committees as representatives of the graduate student body. If you’re interested in serving on one of the committees that has a vacancy, please email


  • Academic Master Taskforce:
  • Academic Technology Review Committee:
  • ADA/504 Compliance Committee:
  • Administration and Finance Council: Christopher DiFiore
  • Commission on Human Understanding:
  • Forum: Carl Archut, Jr.
  • GA Allocations Subcommittee:
  • LGBTQ+ Concerns Committee: Hannah Roos
  • Global Community & Awareness Committee: Becca Zelner
  • Governance Review Committee:
  • Graduate Council:
  • Graduate Orientation Subcommittee: Hannah Roos
  • Library Committee: Stephanie Reynolds
  • Human Relations Fact Finding Board:
  • Integrated Marketing Committee:
  • Parking Appeals Committee:
  • Planning & Budget: Christopher DiFiore
  • President’s Cabinet: Carl Archut, Jr.
  • Program Review Committee:
  • Sexual Harassment Education Committee: Stephanie Reynolds
  • Sexual Harassment Fact Finding Board: Becca Zelner
  • Student Affairs Committee: Carl Archut, Jr.
  • Teacher Education Council:
  • University Curriculum Committee: Carl Archut, Jr.
  • University Technology and Library Services Council:
  • Web Content Advisory Board: