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Note to all alums.

     Now that you have successfully completed your studies here at Shippensburg, don't forget to take a few moments and keep us updated on how you are doing, where you are working, and any important events in your lives. In addition, if you would like to provide us with your contact information (or a web url) to share with current or past students we can make that available here on our website at your request. As you know, our alumni are a very important part of the success of our program, and we hope you will consider assisting us with networking opportunities, internship placements, job leads, and even financial donations to support student research and education inititiaves.  So please don't be a stranger! Stay in touch, its easier now than ever before - just join our Facebook page.  In anycase, BEST WISHES in all that you do!                                               -  GEO/ESS Faculty

* Please take a moment to fill out our Alumni Survey! 

Congratulations to our most recent graduates!

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Alumni Contacts

Please be sure to keep our alumni office updated with your current contact information and professional credentials. We also encourage alumni to be active in departmental activities from time to time including our fall Career Day program, spring honor banquets, departmental colloquia, etc.. So please keep in touch and let us know of your interests.