General Photos

General Image 01
This photo shows Canada Hollow, a small stream that flows into Reservoir Hollow. This streams is spring fed from springs located further up the mountain.

General Image 02
This photo is located in Cleversburg. It shows how the stream was channeled to deal with residential growth.

General Image 03
This view can give you some idea on the relief present in the watershed. There is a sinkhole located on the right in this picture. This photo was taken in near Cleversburg.

General Image 05
This view shows one of our students taking water samples on Reservoir Hollow.

General Image 04
In this view, we can see Reservoir Hollow, just upstream of where it travels through the Cleversburg Reservoir. As small reservoir located on Shippensburg Road at South Mountain.

General Image 06
This section of Burd Run is located behind the old Police Station in Shippensburg, along Route 174. This section of the stream is intermittent and is usually empty during summer.

General Image 07
This view is of a our student taking water samples of Burd Run at Shippensburg University. This section of the stream is located along Fogelsanger Road.

General Image 11
Our student this time is taking water samples from a Spring located the beginning of Thomson Creek. This spring is one of the major springs that provides Thomson Creek with water. An interesting side note to this spring is that during periods of high precipitation, the spring actually appears to flow out of the tree that is show in this picture.

General Image 08
This view shows a section of Thomson Creek as it flows through Michaux State Forest. This shot was taken from the bridge located on Thomson Hollow Road.

General Image 09
Here is another view, with our student, collecting a sample from the same location that was mentioned in the previous photo.

General Image 10
This is yet another view at the same spot of the previous two pictures.

General Image 12
This photo was taken at one of tributaries of Thomson Creek.

General Image 13
This is another view of the same tributary as was mentioned above.

General Image 15
Our student researchers must pass a rigorous test of physical prowess and endurance before they are allowed to collect samples within the watershed. In this view, we can see our student negating a make shift balance beam.

General Image 16
This view shows the section of Burd Run that flows through a township park along Britton Road and Fogelsanger Road. There are two wetlands located on this site. Shippensburg University is located in the background of the picture.


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