What is career day?

Career day is a great opportunity for students to meet with local businesses and organizations in the field. The department career day is specifically forearth science and geography related positions and opportunities.Students have the opportunity to learn more about what kind ofcareer they want within the field, what employers are looking for, andcangainprofessional contacts and connections. It is also an excellent resource for finding an internship for both undergraduate and graduate students.A few employers even give presentations about what they do and how to plan and apply for a position with their company.It is recommended thatstudents come prepared with a professional resume and with some background research on theorganizations that will be at CareerDay (below). Forresume and professional advice,visit the CareerCenter inCUB 108.

When is it?

The Geography-Earth ScienceDepartment Career Day takes place on November 5, 2015.Please continue to check the Department Facebook and Website for more information on times and location.

Why should I participate?

Students who participate inCareer Day have a greater chance of gaining professional experience and connections. This is anopportunity for students to meet face to face with potential employers and to learn more about what they are looking for and how you can prepare for a professional position while you're still in school.Career Day also gives you a chance tosell yourself and get your name out therein order to potentially secure a successful future inanearth science and/or geography based position. It is great practice for students to talk with employers and an excellent resource for those currently searching for internships. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

Who will be there?

We will have more information on participating organizations soon!



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