What is Career Day?

     Career Day is the annual opportunity we create for students to meet the members of local businesses, large firms, non-profits, and government agencies that host interns and hire our graduates. Career Day is designed specifically for geography-earth science students. Our students thus have a custom opportunity to learn more about jobs and careers in their chosen field, to learn what employers are looking for, and to develop their professional networks. Each year, a few selected employers give presentations about what they do and how to prepare and apply for a position in their companies.  Many also describe the sometime straight or sometimes circuitous paths they followed between graduation and their current positions.  


When is it?

     Our Career Day takes place annually on the first Thursday in November. Please check Facebook and Website for specific times and locations. Students are advised to come prepared with their resume. The Career & Community Engagement Center (in the CUB, Room 108) is available year-round to all students to help them develop their resumes, professional networks, and job hunting skills.


Why should I participate?

      Students who participate in Career Day have better opportunities to develop connections and get that all-important foot in the door.  This is an opportunity for students to meet face-to-face with potential employers in their field and to learn more about how to prepare for professional life after college. Career Day gives students a safe place to practice 'elevator pitches' and 'selling yourself.'  You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!