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drzyzga Faculty ImageScott Drzyzga, PhD, GISP

Associate Professor
Office: 208 Shearer Hall
Phone: 717-477-1307
Email: sadrzy@ship.edu
Homepage: http://webspace.ship.edu/sadrzy/


PhD, (2007) Geography, Michigan State University
MA, (2000) Geography, Michigan State University
BA, (1992) Geography, State University of New York at Geneseo


Professional geographer and map nerd | Outdoor enthusiast | sUAS flyer 

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Geographic Information Science & Technology (GIS, GPS, GNSS, sUAS, etc.)
  • The United States & Canada - particularly the Great Lakes region
  • Land use change; economic geography
  • Glacial Lake Algonquin


  • Geography of the US & Canada
  • Globalization in the Caribbean
  • GIS I,  GIS II,  GIS III  and  Applied GIS
  • Field Techniques in Geography

Current Funded Projects

Jantz CA (Science PI), Drzyzga SA, O’Neil-Dunne, J, and Claggett P.  Land Cover Mapping, Modeling and Monitoring System for the Delaware River Basin, Funding provided by the William Penn Foundation.  $1 million budget over two years.

Completed Projects

Jantz CA and Drzyzga SA.  Collaborative Research: Dynamic Coupling of the Water Cycle with Patterns of Urban Growth.  Funding provided by the National Science Foundation Dynamics of Coupled Natural-Human Systems program.  Claire Welty (Science PI), of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, coordinated all work.  $1.4 million budget for five years.

Smith J and Drzyzga SA.  Community Build-out Analyses for Selected South Central Pennsylvania Municipalities. Funding provided by the Center for Land Use at Shippensburg University.  $6,800 budget for one year.

Marr PG, Pomeroy G and Drzyzga SA.  Economic and Transportation Impacts of Warehousing on Rural Pennsylvania.  Funding provided by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania and the Center for Land Use at Shippensburg University.  $61,605 (CRPa, $40,625; CLU, $20,980) budget for one year

Selected Publications

Jantz CJ, Drzyzga SA, and Maret M (2014) Calibrating and validating a simulation model to identify drivers of urban land cover change in the Baltimore, MD metropolitan region, Land, Special issue: Land Change Modeling - Connecting to the Bigger Picture, 3(3): 1158-1179. [doi: 10.3390/land3031158]

Blewett WL, Drzyzga SA, Sherrod L, and Wang H (2014) Geomorphic relations among Glacial Lake Algonquin and the Munising and Grand Marais moraines in Eastern Upper Michigan, USA.  Geomorphology.  [doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2014.05.009].

Drzyzga, SA, A Shortridge, and RJ Schaetzl (2012) Mapping the Phases of Glacial Lake Algonquin in the upper Great Lakes region, Canada and USA, using a Geostatistical Isostatic Rebound Model.  Journal of Paleolimnology, Special issue: Holocene water levels and paleo-hydrology of the Laurentian Great Lakes, 47(3):357-371.  [doi:10.1007/s10933-011-9550-9]

McConnell WJ, Millington JDA, Reo NJ, Alberti M, Asbjornsen H, Baker LA, Brozovic N, Drinkwater LE, Drzyzga SA, Fragoso J, Holland DS, Jantz CA, Kohler TA, Maschner HDG, Monticino M, Podesta G, Pontius Jr. RG, Redman CL, Sailor D, Urquhart G and Liu J (2011) Research on Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS): Approach, Challenges and Strategies.  Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 92(2):218-228. [doi:10.1890/0012-9623-92.2.218]

Drzyzga SA (2007) Relict shoreline features at Cockburn Island, Ontario.  Journal of Paleolimnology, Special Issue: The Greater Great Lakes, 37(3) 411-417.

Walker R, Drzyzga SA, Li Y, Qi J, and Caldas M (2004) A behavioral model of landscape change in the Amazon Basin. Ecological Applications 14(4) Supplement: 299-312.

Brown DG, Duh JD, and Drzyzga SA (2000). Estimating error in an analysis of forest fragmentation change using North American Landscape Characterization (NALC) data. Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol. 71(1): 106-117.

Recent Presentations (* indicates a student)

Drzyzga, SA (2014) “Mapping and monitoring dam removal projects: a report from the field” Paper presentation at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society, State College, PA.

Drzyzga, SA, Jackson S, Moyer S, Pal A, Sarvis A (2014) “Reconciling Business-Driven GIS Curriculum Improvements – A Panel Discussion” Panel participants at the 2014 PA GIS Conference, State College, PA.

Drzyzga, SA (2013) “Using Boots on the Ground & Data in the Cloud to Motivate Student Learning” Paper presented at the 24th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Drzyzga SA and Marr PG (2012) Transportation and Warehousing in the Mid-Atlantic region: Before and after the Great Recession.  Paper presented at the Association of American Geographers 2012 Annual Meeting at New York, NY.

Hershey L*, Drzyzga SA, Cornell S and Feeney TP (2012) “Combustible Gas Concentrations in Soil at Natural Gas Extraction Sites in North Central Pennsylvania: Before and After Drilling” Paper presented at the Association of American Geographers, Middle States Division 2012 Annual Meeting, Shippensburg, PA.

Drzyzga SA, Jantz CA, Welty C, Maret M*, Frederick G* and Ritter B* (2011) The space-time evolution of commuter flows in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region (1970-2010) and the need to model land use change as a function of competitiveness. Paper presented at the Association of American Geographers 2011 Annual Meeting at Seattle, WA.

Drzyzga SA, Jantz CA and Welty C (2009) Urban growth and water supply in the Baltimore, MD metropolitan region.  Paper presented at the United States Regional Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology 2009 Annual Meeting at Snowbird, UT.

Community and Professional Service

  • Past-president of the PASSHE GIS Consortium
  • Faculty co-chair of the SU General Education Council
  • Member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Association of American Geographers, Pennsylvania Geographical Society and the Urban & Regional Information Systems Association.