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Graduate Student Profiles

These current and former students represent a sample of the 30-40 students enrolled in the program at any time. This page is intended to give insight into the research activities, background, and future experiences of our students.

Timothy Schock

Timothy Schock, Current

Undergraduate: Sociology, Shippensburg University

Research Topic: Quantifying STI increase in counties affected by the fracking boom in Pennsylvania

"I am grateful to the dedicated faculty of the department for their advisory and scholarship. Thanks to their commitment, I have accumulated so much invaluable wisdom and technical prowess in a variety of interesting and important fields such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), medical geography, land use change, and planning. The GIS program is really outstanding here, and I always feel ready to confront the challenges I face in internships and real-world projects."


Alex Kostik, 2016 Graduate

Undergraduate: Wildlife and Fisheries Resource Management, West Virginia University, West Virginia

Research Topic: Summer storm runoff effects on baseline stream temperature in cold-water fisheries

"I find the GIS focus of the program and class activities to be the best part of the program. I also enjoy the diverse academic background of the faculty in the department, which allows gains in knowledge in many different geography and earth science topics. Additionally, I find the smaller class sizes to be appealing as it gives you an opportunity to know your professor and classmates on a more personal level, which I have found leads to more engaged learning and classroom discussions."


Katie Pressley, 2016 Graduate

Undergraduate: Geology at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina

Research Topic: Modeling regional groundwater flow of the Cumberland Valley in South Central Pennsylvania

"I have learned a lot of skills in the department that can apply to many different projects. Although my classes and research have typically focused on specific subjects, the skills I've learned (GIS, Excel, statistics, writing, presenting) are valuable for almost any assignment or occupation. These skills are integrated into every class and it's a great learning experience to apply the to real questions."


Molly Moore, 2015 Graduate

Undergraduate: Health and Physical Activity and History, University of Pittsburgh, 2011

Research Topic: The influence of riparian forests on stream geomorphology in an urban landscape

Current Position: Doctoral Student and Research Assistant at Washington State University, Vancouver

"Upon entering the Geoenvironmental Graduate Program at Shippensburg, I had very little formal background in the geosciences and was unsure of the specific discipline I wanted to pursue. The Graduate Program provided me the opportunity to explore a diversity of subjects while building marketable skills. This interdisciplinary study, along with excellent faculty mentors, directly contributed to my desire to remain in academia and continue my education and research."

Eliza Gross(1)

Eliza Gross, 2008 Graduate

Undergraduate: Geography, Millersville University, 2006

Research Topic: Ground water susceptibility to elevated nitrate concentrations in South Middleton Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Current Position: Physical Scientist at U.S. Geological Survey

"I obtained a MS degree in Geoenvironmental Studies at Shippensburg University to broaden my knowledge in geology and hydrology and gain experience in the field. The department professors were approachable and always willing to help. I volunteered to help out with a project the Center for Land Use was partnering with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to complete. Funding for the project fell through, but I was able to get an internship with the USGS, which eventually led to a full-time position in a job field I love. My graduate courses, internship and thesis completion helped to strengthen my skillset and prepare me for my career. I will always be grateful for my experiences at Shippensburg and the amazing people I met."


Griffith Jones, 2011 Graduate

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Land Management, University of Sydney

Research Topic: Water quality improvement and nitrate removal in Craig's Marsh, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Current Position: Director of Natural Sciences, Rettew Associates, Mechanicsburg, PA

"Coming back to school after many years, I wanted a "live" experience, not an online course. Interation with the faculty was great and the classroom discussions with faculty and other students were highlights of the entire course. The amount of support I received really surprised me and was a major factor in obtaining good results while balancing work and family with my studies. My goals included expanding my knowledge of hydrology, GIS and local geology and the program was started purely for my own interests. Even though I had no plans to change jobs when I started as I already held a senior environmental role, my experience at Shippensburg did help me move into a more interesting and rewarding position. While a lot of my work was no longer hands on, much of the knowledge I gained at Shippensburg has helped me to guide others."


Gon Park, 2015 Graduate

Undergraduate: Cadastral Science, Hanyang Cyber University, South Korea, 2011

Research Topic: Using cost-benefit analysis and building compactness to determine the most effective buildings to install green roofs in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Previous Experience: Surveying and mapping for public and private properties in South Korea

"When I decided to study geography in the United States, I was seeking a department that provides a broad overview of geography and field techniques. The Geoenvironmental Studies program provides a range of studies from Hydrogeology to GIS. The Field Techniques class gave me important experience on how to start and progress with field work. Although I did not have much knowledge about geographic studies, the program was very interesting because of the passionate faculty members. They gave me plenty of support for my thesis and other studies with constant guidance. The experiences and studies from this program will give me the opportunity to apply my environmental knowledge to the cadastral system of my country, South Korea."


Gus Frederick, 2014 Graduate

Undergraduate: Geoenvironmental Studies/GIS, Shippensburg University, 2012

Research Topic: (1) Economic analysis of Franklin County, Pennsylvania and (2) Modeling urban land cover change in the Deleware Valley River Basin

Current Position: GIS Specialist, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

"I came to Shippensburg wanting to study Finance and Business. Once I took a class within the department, I changed my major the next day. I can’t say enough about the faculty and department – everyone is extremely passionate about their profession and it translates well to their teaching styles. The entire faculty have always been there to provide guidance, not just for educational opportunities, but for future endeavors. The program allows for individuals to customize their area of expertise, from courses in geography to geology and hydrogeology to GIS, and to acquire the necessary knowledge to succeed. I’m proud to say I graduated from Shippensburg with two degrees, and even more proud to represent the department in the professional world."


Kaja Spaseff, 2011 graduate

Undergraduate: Geoenvironmental, Shippensburg University 2008

Research Topic: Carbon sequestration and productivity of submerged aquatic vegetation (seagrass) in Chincoteague Bay, Virginia and Maryland

Current Position: Sixth Grade Science Teacher at Birney Prepatory Academy in Philadelphia

"I enrolled in the program to obtain my teaching certifications (Earth & Space Science, General Science, and Environmental Education) and MS at the same time. My goal was to reduce the cost of my education and make my first few years of teaching less stressful (a Master degree or equivalent is required, within 6 years, to get a permanent teaching certification). Through the pursuit of this degree, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of science content and skills that are relevant for teaching in my subject areas. I’ve also had the opportunity to do research in the field that I’ve presented to my students. I’ve gained pedagogy knowledge and skills through my coursework and my role as a graduate assistant. This experience has increased my confidence and control of the classroom enabling me to become a better teacher."



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