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Intent to Apply for an Internship

Please complete this form to signal your intent to apply for an internship. This form lets the Geography-Earth Science Department know you are planning to apply for and register for an internship in an upcoming semester, which allows the department to plan ahead. Note that this form does not constitute the internship application, which is available here. Failure to submit this intent to apply notice may result in denial of your internship application. While this form should be submitted as early as possible, you must submit your intent to apply by the following deadlines:

  • If you are going to apply for a Fall or Summer internship, you must submit your intent to apply by March 15.
  •  If you are going to apply for a Spring internship, you must submit your intent to apply by October 15.

 Questions? Please see our department internship website at or contact the internship coordinator, Dr. Jantz at

  1. Please give your name:
  2. Please give your ship e-mail address (this form is intended for use by currently enrolled SU students):
  3. Are you an undergraduate or a graduate student?
  4.  I plan on applying for an internship that will take place during the semester in
  5.  This will be my internship at Shippensburg University.
  6. My preferred field for my internship is (check all that apply):


Highlights & Reminders

The faculty in Geography-Earth Science wish all of you a productive and safe fall!  For those of you working at your internships, keep up the hard work. Make us proud!  Click here to share some photos with the department Facebook page and let us know what you are up to.


2015 Photo Contest

Voting is now closed for our 2015 photo contest and the votes are being tallied. Stay tuned for an announcement with the winning photos!

2015 Department Career Day: 

Don't forget, each fall we host a department career day in November!  This is a great opportunity to gain professional contacts and learn more about the field. Click here for more information.


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