The Program

The completion of the gerontology (aging) minor requires a minimum of 18 credits. You will have to take: Introduction to Gerontology (GRN 100), as well as, a required gerontology internship experience (GRN 301). Taking electives fulfills the remainder of your minor requirements. These include:

COM245 Diversity & the Media

DS100 Introduction to Disability Studies

ECO317 Health Economics

ESC200 Lifestyle Management
ESC250 Introduction to Kinesiology
ESC352 Psychology of Physical Activity

GRN303 Gerontology Internship II
GRN381 Selected Topics in Gerontology
GRN480 Valuing Diversity in Later Life

PSY352 Adult Development and Aging
PSY420 Health Psychology
PSY435 Psychopharmacology
PSY447 Multicultural Health Psychology

SOC249 Introduction to Social Gerontology
SOC320 Sociology of the Body
SOC344 Sociology of Death
SOC369 Medical Sociology
SOC371 Social Dynamics of Aging
SOC445 Sexuality and Sexual Orientation: A Social Approach

SWK351 Special Fields of Social Work: Aging
SWK 356 Special Fields of Social Work: Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
SWK357 Special Fields of Social Work: Health
SWK420 Gender Issues for Helping Professionals
SWK450 Social Welfare Policies and Services

Selected topics with an aging theme from any department may count towards the Gerontology Minor. Contact the Director for approval.
* May be replaced
** Taught as summer course through the Extended Studies Program

For more information contact: Dr. Dara Bourassa at (717) 477-1969 or