Gerontology Required Courses

The completion of the gerontology (aging) minor requires a minimum of 18 credits. You will have to take: Introduction to Gerontology (GRN 100), as well as, a required gerontology internship experience (GRN 301). Taking electives fulfills the remainder of your minor requirements. See the Undergraduate Course Catalog for additional information and course descriptions.

  • COM245: Diversity & the Media
  • DS100: Introduction to Disability Studies
  • ECO317: Health Economics
  • ESC200: Lifestyle Management
  • ESC250: Introduction to Kinesiology
  • ESC352: Psychology of Physical Activity
  • GRN303: Gerontology Internship II
  • GRN381: Selected Topics in Gerontology
  • GRN480: Valuing Diversity in Later Life
  • PSY352: Adult Development and Aging
  • PSY420: Health Psychology
  • PSY435: Psychopharmacology
  • PSY447: Multicultural Health Psychology
  • SOC249: Introduction to Social Gerontology
  • SOC320: Sociology of the Body
  • SOC344: Sociology of Death
  • SOC369: Medical Sociology
  • SOC371: Social Dynamics of Aging
  • SOC445: Sexuality and Sexual Orientation: A Social Approach
  • SWK351: Special Fields of Social Work: Aging
  • SWK 356: Special Fields of Social Work: Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
  • SWK357: Special Fields of Social Work: Health
  • SWK420: Gender Issues for Helping Professionals
  • SWK450: Social Welfare Policies and Services

Selected topics with an aging theme from any department may count towards the Gerontology Minor. Contact the Director for approval.

* May be replaced
** Taught as summer course through the Extended Studies Program

For more information contact Dr. Dara Bourassa at (717) 477-1969 or