Updating Your Campus Directory Information Through the Employee Information System (EIS)

  1. Log into EIS (https://info.ship.edu/staff/app/slogin.cgi )
  2. Type in your username which is your email address. Ex: rllove (you do not need to type @ship.edu)
  3. Type in your password which is your email password.
  4. On successful login, under Employee Information System look for Human Resources.
  5. Click on the link  Update Campus Directory Information .

Once you have finished making change(s), select Update tab at bottom of the screen. You will receive a confirmation from Human Resources that your request to update your information was received.

PLEASE NOTE: These changes will be made only in the Campus Directory. If you are changing your name or home address, you must also complete the Payroll & Benefit forms located at the top of the screen. Name change also requires presentation of your Social Security Card to the Human Resources Office. Failure to do so may result in tax and benefit claim problems.