Family Partnership Agreement

The Family Development Staff, which includes the Family Development Manager, Family Development Specialists (FDS’s) and Social Work Interns will work with your family throughout the year to identify family goals, family strengths, and necessary services and supports. Resources and referral is available for training and education. Assistance is available for the completion of applications and resume writing. Budget planning materials and assistance to set up a working budget will be provided upon request.                                                                      

We will provide training and assistance conducting monthly center committee and policy council meetings. We assist parents participate in Head Start by following the established program policies and Head Start performance standards. During parent meetings we will assist parents plan activities for the classrooms and socializations for families. During parent meetings knowledge of issues surrounding child development and parenting skills is also provided.

The Family Development staff also monitors attendance of the children. Daily and monthly attendance is monitored. A record of attendance and excuse for absence is kept for each enrolled child.

We also are your point of contact for emergency assistance and crisis intervention. We will help you contact the public assistance office or other agencies that provide emergency assistance. We will encourage you to use the directory of services provided in your parent manual. The listings for food and clothing banks, day care facilities, housing and rental assistance, and many other areas of service may be found in the parent manual.

We are your bridge to the community and encourage parents to communicate openly with Head Start Staff, other parents, volunteers, and with community agencies and resources. We recruit new families and enroll children into classrooms throughout the year when vacancies occur.

Family Development Staff may be contacted at 717-477-1626.

Questions, concerns and suggestions are always welcome.