Second Step

What is it? 

The SECOND STEP early learning program is designed specifically for multiple-age early learning classrooms. The program is taught through 28 weekly themes, consisting of short activities to be done throughout the week. The activities build on each other to develop children’s self-regulation skills and social-emotional competence

Skills and lessons in the program include:

Skills for Learning Training  

Children learn to,

  • listen
  • focus attention
  • use self-talk
  • become assertive


Children learn to,

  • identify one's own and others' feelings
  • take others' perspectives
  • show care and concern for others

Emotion Management  

Children learn to,

  • understand strong feelings
  • identify one's own strong feelings
  • calm down strong feelings

Friendship Skills and Problem Solving

Children learn to,

  • make and keep friends
  • calm down and use problem-solving steps

Transitioning to Kindergarten  

Children learn to,

  • review program skills and concepts
  • think about how skills and concepts will help in kindergarten

Home Links letters are sent to families on a weekly basis throughout the presentation of the Second Step curriculum. Home Links letters include information about what children are learning and tips on how parents and caregivers can help their children use the new skills.