Welcome Fall 2014 Students!

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Additional Information

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Contact Information

Etter Health Center
Wellness Center, McLean Hall II, Ground Floor

Phone: 717-477-1458
Fax:  717-477-4042
Email:  shs@ship.edu **Administrative questions only.**  Do NOT send medical questions via email.  Please call to speak with a staff member.

For emergencies, dial:
(717) 477-1444

Campus Public Safety Information 

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Required Information

Additional Forms

Student Release of Information Form

A student's health information is confidential under federal law. If a student would like to release his or her health information to a medical facility, or request information from a medical facility, a release form must be signed by the student and a witness.

Student Release Form  

Release Form Student  

Parent Release of Information Form

If a student would like his or her parent to be able to discuss their health information with health center staff, a release of information form must be signed by the student before any information is released to the parent.

Parent/Guardian Release Form  

Release Form Parent