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Additional Information

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Contact Information

Etter Health Center
Wellness Center, McLean Hall II, Ground Floor

Phone: 717-477-1458
Fax:  717-477-4042
Email:  shs@ship.edu **Administrative questions only.**  Do NOT send medical questions via email.  Please call to speak with a staff member.

For emergencies, dial:
(717) 477-1444

Campus Public Safety Information 

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Self Care Center Checklist

The information below provides a general overview of the questionnaire used by the Etter Heath Center: Self-Care Cold Center. It is for information only -- you should go to Etter to perform this self diagnostic care and utilize the professional care available from the staff.

Self-Care Cold Center

Name:  ____________________  SU ID#:  ______________  Date:  __________

Do you have medication allergies? :  (please specify) _____________________________________________


Current Medications that you are taking:  (If any) _________________________________________________


STEP 1:  Check off the symptoms that you have:

___ General Body Aches   ___ Sneezing                     ___ Sore Throat                       ___ Headaches

___ Chills, Fever               ___ Stuffed-Up Nose        ___ Difficulty Swallowing       ___ Runny Nose

___ Cough with Mucous    ___ Dry, Hacky Cough      ___ Watery Eyes                     ___ Ears Feel Clogged


STEP 2:  Sometimes what seems like a cold might be a more serious problem.  The following questions will help you determine if you need professional care. 


If you answer YES to any of the questions below, please see the nurse.  If you answer NO to all of the following questions, then you can proceed to Step 3, Self-Care.  You may also see the nurse if you wish.


Yes / No                                                                    Yes / No

__ / ___ Temperature Over 101o              ___ / ___ Difficulty Swallowing Liquids

___ / ___ Earache                             ___ / ___ Persistent Vomiting

___ / ___ Sinus (Facial) Pain              ___ / ___ Deep Cough, Producing Thick Mucous

___ / ___ Chest Pain                         ___ / ___ Wheezing

___ / ___ Severe Pain Anywhere        ___ / ___ Difficulty Getting Air Into Lungs

___ / ___ Do You Smoke?                  ___ / ___ Had Symptoms Longer than 2 Weeks

___ / ___ Swollen Glands on Neck      ___ / ___ History of Asthma

___ / ___ History of Allergies             ___ / ___ History of Rheumatic Fever


If you feel like you have a fever, please ask staff for a thermometer.

Temp: _____ Is it above 101°?  ___ Yes   ___ No


If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, please see the nurse, otherwise go to Step 3.


STEP 3:  If you have answered No to all of the questions, then you can safely choose the medication from the list below.  In addition, Vitamin C, “Cold Eeze,” or Echinacea may help shorten your illness.


Self-Prescribed Medication                                                  

Symptoms                         Possible Side Effects           Reduces These

___ Phenylephrine              Nasal Congestion               Dizzy, nervous, restless, 


___ Acetaminophen           Fever & Body Aches             None

___ Ibuprofen (Advil)         Fever & Body Aches             None

___ Guaifenesin                 Cough                                None      

___ Salt                            Throat Congestion               None

___ Benzocaine Lozenges   Sore Throat                         None

___ Halls Cough Drops       Minor Irritation/Sore Throat  None     


NOTE:  Do NOT take these cold meds with other over the counter medsPlease take medications as directed.