Virus, Bacteria, or Allergy

Virus, bacteria or allergy --what is it that you likely have?

Symptoms? Virus: Bacteria: Allergy:
Runny nose Often Rare Often
Aching Muscles Usual Rare No
Headache Often Rare No
Dizzy Often Rare Rare
Fever Often Often No
Cough Often Sometimes Rare
Dry cough Often Rare Sometimes
Raising sputum Rare Often Rare
Hoarseness Often Rare Rare
Recurs at particular season No No Often
Single complaint: sore throat, earache, sinus pain, cough Unusual Usual Unusual
Do antibiotics help? No Yes No
Can the doctor help? Seldom Yes Sometimes

Please note:  Viral infections and allergies do not improve with treatment by penicillin or other antibiotics.  You may, however, relieve the symptoms with other medications.