Applied History Graduate Student Online Advising Center

Welcome to Shippensburg University Applied History Program's Online Advising Center! This site is designed to assist current Applied History graduate students with the process of scheduling. In addition to scheduling materials, the site also includes guidelines and forms for arranging internships and theses. You will also find resources to assist you as you with your career planning and job searches. Of course, if you have any questions about your scheduling, internship, thesis or career exploration, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Advisor, Dr. John Bloom at (717) 477-1216 or

Scheduling Information

Graduate Course Checklist (OLD)  (For Current Students Who Entered the Program Before Fall 2010) [PDF] - form that shows the coursework required to complete the Master's in Applied History Degree. 
Graduate Course Checklist (NEW)  (For Students Entering Fall 2010 or After) [PDF] - a form that shows the coursework required to complete the Master's in Applied History Degree.
Course Listings -a link to a listing of current and future courses and a printable scheduling packet.
Graduate Catalog -the official policies of the Shippensburg University Graduate School, including course descriptions and degree requirements.

Internships and Thesis

If you intend to do an internship, please contact Dr. Burg ( to discuss the requirements and to discuss possible internship sites. 
Internship Checklist [PDF] -A checklist that shows the requirements to arrange and complete a graduate internship.
Internship Form [PDF] -The official form of the Shippensburg University School of Arts and Sciences. This must be completed with and submitted to Dr. Burg before you begin your internship or no later than the end of the first week of classes in which you have registered for your internship.
Internship Syllabus [PDF] -The document explaining the learning objectives, assignments, and requirements for the graduate courses HIS 609: Internship I & HIS 610: Internship II.


Thesis Requirements [PDF] -A document containing both the History Department and Graduate School Requirements for completing a Master's Thesis. 
Thesis Registration Form [PDF] -This form must be completed and submitted to the Chair of the History Department before registering for Thesis I and before registering for Thesis II. The criteria specified in the Thesis Registration Guidelines must be met in order to register for Thesis I or Thesis II.
Thesis Registration Policy [PDF] -The History Department policy determining when graduate students may enroll in Thesis I and Thesis II.

Career Exploration and Job Search Resources

Shippensburg University Career Development Center
Shippensburg University History Department History Employment and Career Site on Graduate Schools