Participation Guidelines

The Wood Honors College is dedicated to promoting scholarship, leadership, and service and building a community of scholars who challenge and support one another. To maintain good standing in the Wood Honors College, with all of the benefits that membership in the Wood Honors College entails, Honors students must satisfy the following co-curricular requirements.   

1. Honors General Meetings: All Honors students are required to attend the Honors fall and spring general meetings.

2. Leadership: All Honors students are strongly encouraged to take at least one leadership role in the Wood Honors College or another university-recognized organization during their undergraduate years, such as: 

  • HSO committee chair or assistant chair 
  • Wood Honors College Advisory Board member 
  • Honors summer orientation leadership team  
  • Resident assistant for a university residence hall 
  • Executive officer in another university-recognized organization 
  • Captain of sports team 

3. Service (at least 1 Honors service project per year):All Honors students are required to contribute to at least one of the following Wood Honors College service projects each year: 

  • Service Committee project 
  • Reach Out event 
  • Ship Trip 
  • Service project organized by another HSO committee 

Note: Service projects undertaken as part of a general education Honors class do not fulfill this requirement.
Note: Service events are designated with an (S) on the Calendar of Events 

4. Community and Outreach (at least 2 Honors activities per year): All Honors students are required to contribute to creating and sustaining the Honors community by participating in at least two of the following activities each year, either by attending: 

  • HSO Recreation Committee event 
  • HSO Housing Committee event 
  • HSO Orientation Committee event 
  • Honors Read book discussion 
  • Pizza with a Prof 
  • Major Scholarship Advising Workshop 
  • Uncommon Conversation 

and/or assisting with: 

  • Honors freshmen mentor program 
  • HSO Recruitment Committee event (e.g. helping with an Open House, spring phone-a-thon, high school visit, or hosting a prospective student)  
  • HSO Media Committee project (e.g. contributing to the Honors Newsletter)  
  • HSO Spring Banquet Planning Committee 
  • HSO Fundraising Committee event 


Note: Community and Outreach events are designated with a (C/O) on the Calendar of Events.

Students are responsible for recording their contributions on the Wood Honors College Participation Form. The form is available on the Honors website at Students must submit the form to the Honors secretary by the final Monday of the spring semester. See the calendar of events on the Honors website for the specific date.  

Students who do not fulfill the Wood Honors College's participation requirement will have their benefits of membership in the college, including their priority registration privileges, suspended for the following academic year. Waivers of the participation requirement may be made only after consultation with and at the discretion of the Wood Honors College director. 

This policy was approved by the Honors Program Advisory Board on October 2, 2012.