Because service is one of the three core components of the Honors Program's mission, the Honors Student Organization plans local, regional, and international service projects to provide students with the chance to support worthy causes. Students are required to participate in one service project each year to remain in good standing with the Honors Program. Below are a few of the many opportunities.

Ship TripShip Trip 13-14

Coordinated by the Honors Program since 1992, Ship Trip (formerly known as Excitement in Education) is a program held once a semester that brings middle school students to Shippensburg University for a day of fun, hands-on classes and introduction to the college environment. Ship Trip's slogan is "Too Cool for Middle School? Get More Knowledge and Go to College!"

Each middle schooler attends three workshops taught by Honors students. The workshops encourage students to broaden their horizons while having fun with math, science, history, the arts, physical education, and more. Students also have the opportunity to eat lunch in a university dining hall and tour the Shippensburg campus.

Cumberland Valley Animal ShelterCVAS

Several times a semester, Honors students visit the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg to walk dogs, help out at "adoption days," or assist with micro-chipping clinics. This is an ongoing volunteer project, and students are able to make arrangements to visit the shelter and lend a hand whenever their schedules permit. It's a great opportunity to take time for the Shippensburg area's four-legged friends!

Rails to Trails Clean-Up

Each fall, the Honors Student Organization helps clean up Shippensburg's Rails to Trails, a seven-mile walking and workout path that runs from the Prince Street entrance of campus all the way to Newville. Students pick up trash along a portion of the trail and woods near Adams Drive on the edge of campus.

Reach OutReach Out

Reach Out: Enhancing Education in the Dominican Republic is an ongoing project of the Honors Program involving the development of a bilingual language arts curriculum for children from low-income families in the Dominican Republic. Honors students design the curriculum and travel to the Dominican Republic over winter break to implement it at child development centers. Learn more at

Food Recovery NetworkFRN

Every Friday afternoon, Honors Program students volunteer at the Food Recovery Network (FRN). FRN unites students at colleges and universities to fight waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and the surrounding communities and donating to people in need. Volunteers meet at Reisner Dining Hall to package leftover food, then travel a short distance to a local church to add Reisner's donations to the church's food donations. Volunteers then serve all of the food to members of Shippensburg's community.