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A Resident Assistant is a vital member of the residence hall staff. It is his or her goal to support and extend the education process beyond the confines of the classroom. A Resident Assistant (RA) is required to meet the following expectations:

  1. Helping and advising students both individually and in groups.
  2. Developing programs to encourage the intellectual, cultural, and social growth of residents.
  3. Assisting in the administration within the residence hall. 
  4. Supporting and implementing University policies. 
  5. Creating a sense of community within the residence halls.

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Information About Applicant

The purpose of this form is to assist the Office of Housing and Residence life in evaluating applicants for the position of Resident Assistant. Your candid evaluation of the applicant, based on your experience with him/her, serves as an important part of the selection process. If you reach a question in which you do not have experience with the candidate, please feel free to indicate as such.

How long have you know the applicant? 

In what role have you known the applicant?

Please explain how this candidate has represented professionalism to you in your previous experiences. (Examples might include but are not limited to punctuality, poise, management of tasks and responsibilities etc.):

Frequently RAs are asked to rely on utilizing their training as well as well as decision making in unclear or challenging situations. How do you feel this candidate would handle these complex situations? Please feel free to share an example if possible.

The position requires staff to be able to regularly follow up with students, report situations in a timely fashion as well as move different projects. From your experience how accountable is this candidate in accomplishing necessary tasks?

How does this candidate accept feedback? Also, in your experience how have they gone about incorporating and improving after receiving feedback?

Creating and maintaining relationships with other students is a very important aspect of the RA position. From your perspective how does this candidate go about creating relationships with others? Do you feel they would be able to successfully build connections with a diverse group of students?

How does this candidate go about working and interacting with individuals who are different from themself?

How has this candidate grown and developed during the course of your relationship?

We would appreciate if you would list additional strengths, weaknesses, or other traits which you feel may be pertinent to our decision of whether or not we should employ this applicant.


Please submit by 4:30pm on Friday, December 11th, 2015. Additional reference information may be submitted via email to