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Residence Director Testimonials

"My time as a Residence Director at SHIP prepared me to supervise a large residence hall operation. I gained experience with staff supervision, hall council advisement, student conduct, staff selection, staff training, and crisis management. The skills I learned at SHIP were invaluable and currently allow me to guide my staff on a daily basis. Most importantly, between the Residence Director and Classroom experiences, I learned how to effectively assist students as they navigate their college experience. I picked up the necessary knowledge to help students develop into mature adults ready for their future after graduation."

Tim Shaal
Senior Associate Director - Office of Housing and Residence Life
Bowling Green State University

“Being a part of the Residence Director staff at Shippensburg was an amazing experience for me. The position afforded me the opportunity to experience a variety of areas within Housing & Residence Life. However, I also got the opportunity to participate in other areas of Students Affairs which made me a very qualified candidate when I started my full time job search. I made many professional colleagues during my time at Ship but more importantly, many of those colleagues became friends.”

Peter Pereira 
Interim Assistant Director, Campus Activities and Student Organizations
Texas State University - San Marcos 

"I had the pleasure of serving as the Kieffer Hall and Mowrey Hall Residence Director during my time at Shippensburg University. Like many, I came right from an undergraduate program and was ready to dive into a career in Student Affairs. I was fortunate to work with some very talented professionals, fellow Graduate students, and undergraduate student leaders. I’m humbled now to be working professionally with some former Shippensburg RAs and alum from my time, a true testament to Shippensburg’s commitment to both its graduate student program and to the work with undergraduate students.

I have – and will continue to – recommend Shippensburg’s graduate programs and the Residence Director position."

Joe Russo
President Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers (MACUHO)
Director of DragonCard Services - Drexel University


"The experience gained by working in the Dean of Students Office and more specifically has a Hall Director allowed me to learn intricacies of a highly functional Student Affairs team.  All of these experiences afforded me the opportunity to put my ideas into operation, combining student development and systems' theories to advance the mission of Shippensburg.  This proved to be a backbone for my career in Higher Education.  As a result, I have had the opportunity to take on progressively responsible leadership positions in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.  I look back on may days with fond memories and sincere gratitude!"

Rodney Altemose Ed.D.
Executive Director, Upper Bucks Campus
Bucks County Community College


“Even to this day I struggle to fully explain how much my time at Shippensburg University as a Resident Director meant to me. It was a phenomenal experience that allowed me the opportunity to meld both theory and practice. The opportunity to oversee a Residence Hall as a graduate student was a tremendous learning experience and a privilege that helped me build a foundational skill set that has assisted me in every step of my own professional development.  In addition, I was offered the opportunity to be creative and innovative on projects both within my building and for the larger campus. I was regularly challenged both as a student and young professional to continuously develop and spend the time taking honest introspective looks at myself as a person and a practitioner. That constant introspection from both the position and the College Student Personnel Program helped me grow immensely as a professional but even more as a person.  Finally, and most importantly, I cannot say enough about the network of caring and knowledgeable group of seasoned professionals that are truly invested in the growth of the Resident Director Staff. In all honesty one of the biggest honors that I have received in my professional career was being offered the opportunity to become a part of that network and give back to a position that has meant so much to me, which is why I recently returned to Shippensburg as the Assistant Director for Residential Education. “

Pavan M. Purswani
Assistant Director of Residential Education
Housing & Residence Life - Shippensburg University 


"Working as an RD at Ship allowed me to develop professional experience while applying the knowledge and skills I was learning in the CSP grad program.  I had the opportunity to work in housing and residence life while also gaining experience in judicial services, orientation, drug and alcohol education, and other functions related to my future interests.  My time at Ship was incredibly meaningful in my development as a student affairs professional, and I draw on that experience often in my current work with students." 

Andrea Carpenter, Career Management Advisor 
Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) 
American University’s Kogod School of Business


"I got the position as a “last minute” thing (was hired over the 4th of July), and have been forever grateful for the trust that Tony Cecere, Dave Dolbin, and Betty lu Morgan placed in me as a person.  I feel honored to have known, and worked with so many of the “Ship Student Affairs/Counseling Center Legions”. I worked in Higher Education for over 20 years, and finished my higher education career as the Associate Director of Housing and Residential Education, at UNC-Chapel Hill, in 2001.  I am convinced the experience at Ship was a great foundation for the career I carved out!"

Al Calarco 
Global Solutions Faculty Member
Center for Creative Leadership


"I am extremely proud of being both an undergraduate and graduate alumna of Shippensburg University. In addition, working as a Residence Director inspired me to serve in higher education and to be a positive advocate for students in all of my work. Since my time at Shippensburg University, I have worked professionally in Residential Education at Dickinson College assisting with the development of curriculum for Resident Assistants and implementing the Neighborhood living-learning program into the Dickinson Community. Currently, I am the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life at Frostburg State University. I lead a team of professionals and students who have created a new late night programming initiative on campus, where we average over 1,000 students per event. I also work with training and consulting student organizations on campus to serve as successful student leaders. I would definitely say how my Shippensburg University Residence Director experience shaped me to be a leader and an advocate for change in the world of higher education. Without this experience, I would not be the person that I am today."

Amy Fynes 
Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life
Frostburg State University

Where Are They Now?

Nina Pereira – Assistant Director for Leadership, Residential Education at Texas State University

Tiffany Conde – Area Coordinator at the University of Virginia

Andrew Shaal – Residence Director at Mansfield University

Al Calarco – Global Solutions Faculty Member at the Center for Creative Leadership

Pavan Purswani – Assistant Director of Residential Education at Shippensburg University

Rodney Altemose – Bucks County Community College

Peter Pereira – Assistant Director of Campus Activities & Student Organization at Texas State University

Akirah Massenburg – Area Coordinator at Cabrini College

Christian Barber – Associate Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations at Mount Saint Mary’s University

Kevin Killen – Associate Director of Residence Life for Student Support at Rutgers University

Joe Russo – Current President of MACUHO, Director of Dragon Card Office at Drexel University

Tim Shaal – Senior Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing at Bowling Green University

David Logan – Director of Academic Advising at the Center of the Arts at Temple University

Tom Segar – Vice President for Student Affairs and Affiliate Graduate Professor of College Student Development and Administration at Shepard University

Amy Fynes – Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life at Frostburg State University

Shannon Smigo – Campus Life Coordinator for Student Activities at New College of Florida

Kristen Hyman – Director of Community Engagement at LeaderShape

Elizabeth Noel Farner – Assistant Dean of Students at Dickenson College

Debbie Scheibler – Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life at Rutgers University – Camden Campus

Tiffany Smith – Coordinator of Academic Support and Access Programs at Shippensburg University

Andrea Carpenter – Career Management Advisor at American University’s Kogod School of Business