McLean Hall II

McLean II Main

Floor Plans


Completed in 2012

  • Home to the Wellness Center (located at base of the building
  • Home to the Healthy Living Learning Community

Unit Type B
2013-14 Estimate Cost=$3,605
2-person shared suite with bathroom
Unit Type C
2013-14 Estimate Cost=$4,017
2-person private suite with sitting area and bathroom
Unit Type D2
2013-14 Estimate Cost=$3,914
4-person shared suite with living room, dining space, kitchenette, and 2 bathrooms.
Unit Type E
2013-14 Estimate Cost= $4,429
2-person private suite with living room, dining space, kitchenette, and bathroom


Near Reisner Dining Hall, Seavers Hall, and McLean Hall


Housing 264 men and women


  • Television lounges with brand-new flat-screen TVs
  • Games, sports equipment, available to sign out at the front desk.
  • Study Lounges available on every floor
  • State-of-the-art common area kitchen for cooking
  • Multi-purpose room located next to lobby that contains chairs and electrical hook ups for presentations
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  • Closets are built-in; the desks w/chairs and dressers are portable.
  • All beds are extra long; can be bunked.
  • The bed height from the floor can be adjusted to either 16 inches or 26 inches.
    (If students choose to bunk their beds, they must secure bunking pins and instructions from an RA or the RD)
  • Bed rails are available upon request.
    (The University does not assume any liability for injuries resulting from falling out of bed).
  • Venetian blinds are provided.




Vending / Laundry

  • Vending machines are located in the lobby
  • Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. The machines will operate either with value placed on the student ID card or by using coins.
  • Students must bring their own ironing board and iron


Property Insurance

The University does not assume any legal obligations to pay for the loss of or damage to items of personal property. Therefore, students or parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover such losses.