Rules and Regulations for Leased Housing

As a University student, all Code of Conduct rules and regulations from the student handbook, SWATANEY apply. In addition, the following regulations are specific to Stone Ridge Commons. There is a property manager on duty in the Stone Ridge Commons building for issues or concerns related to the facility. In addition, there will be a resident manager residing in the complex to assist with issues.

Stone Ridge Commons Regulations:

  1. RULES
    Residents must comply with Shippensburg University and Stone Ridge Commons rules. Resident is responsible to ensure that guests obey all laws and rules.

    • No personal property of any description is to be placed on or permitted to remain on the lawn, steps, porches, or stairs, or hung from windows.
    • Locks may not be changed nor additional locks put on any doors without the written permission of the Lessor. Any Tenant who forces a door or has his/her door forced by someone else will be charged for a new lock, hardware, door frame, and the labor necessary to repair it.
    • No beverages in glass bottles or other glass containers may be consumed outside the unit.
    • Bottles and other glass containers and trash must be placed in the designated dumpsters located outside the building. No bottles, glass, or trash may be thrown from inside the unit or building.
    • Tenant shall not in any way tamper, adjust, remove or modify any of the utility systems or metering equipment maintained by Lessor.

    At the end of the term, residents must leave the Unit clean and in good condition, subject to ordinary wear and tear. Resident will remove all property, alterations, and decorations. Resident must clean all walls, windows, window sills and tracks, fixtures, toilets, sinks, shower, tub, stove, oven, cabinets, refrigerator, and carpeting. Stone Ridge Commons will repair all damages to Unit, including drywall and door holes, which cost of repair will be billed through Shippensburg University to residents. If residents' personal property remains in unit after termination, the University and Stone Ridge Commons may, without notice, store or dispose of same. The University and Stone Ridge Commons shall not be liable for any injury or damage resulting from any reasonable disposal of such property. Residents shall be charged for expenses in removing said items.

    The use of storage of Tenant's or any other person's vehicle, whether or not parked or being driven in or about the parking area shall at all times be at the sole risk of the resident. Shippensburg University and Stone Ridge Commons are not liable for damage to, or caused by, any vehicles, this includes property damage and bodily injury. Residents must register his or her vehicle with Stone Ridge Commons. Payment of a registration fee per vehicle is required. Residents will be issued a parking permit, to be displayed on the rear bumper of the vehicle. All residents' vehicles, which are not properly registered and do not display a parking permit are subject to towing and/or booting and its attendant costs. Residents must obtain from the Stone Ridge Property Management Office a visitor parking pass for each visitor. The visitor pass must be displayed on the front dash of the visitor's vehicle. Vehicles of visitors which do not display the visitor parking pass are subject to towing and/or booting and its attendant costs. No visitor parking passes will be issued during Homecoming weekend.

    Residents must pay actual lock replacement and key charges for each Unit key not returned at the end of the Term. As of this writing, the lock replacement charge is $154.00 plus a $10.00 charge for each key to the Unit. Mailbox key replacement and charges are through the United States Postal Service.

  4. KEYS
    Tenant may not transfer this assignment or sublease the property. The agreement is for space and the University reserves the right to make room assignments, temporary assignments, consolidate vacancies by requiring the residents to move, and reassignments when necessary. Students may change assignments only after first receiving written authorization from the Dean of Students Office.