Housing & Residence Life FAQs

How does roommate matching work for room assignments?

After students confirm housing The Housing Office sends an email to the student’s Ship email to use Room Sync, a Facebook Application, to meet their future roommates. After locating a roommate students will go to their Housing Portal via MyShip and they are able to select their room with the friend they met on Room Sync.

What are the bed sizes in the residence halls?

All residence hall rooms across campus are equipped with a twin XL mattress for each resident. For more information on room furnishing, please visit the Office of Housing & Residence Life's webpage.

Can each student have their own microwave and refrigerator?

Each room is allowed to have up to one microwave and one mini-fridge. For a suite-styled residence hall room, this would equate to one set in each bedroom as well as one set in the common area, however most suite-style residents decide to have one set placed in the common area and forego the additional sets in the individual bedrooms.


What residence halls are open to first-year students?

Most residence halls will have first-year students residing in them. Naugle and Seavers Hall are designated for Freshman only.

What is the guest visitation policy for the residence halls?

Students must sign in their guest with the Desk Assistant at the front desk of each residence hall on campus. Their guest can stay for a maximum of two nights within a seven day period.  Guests must be 18 years of age and older.

For students that move onto campus early (sports, band, ASP) where do they move into?

Early move -in students typically move directly into their fall residence suite. The only exception to this is the entire football team stays together in one residence hall, and will move into their respective residence rooms closer to the beginning of the school year.


How does the laundry system work?

Laundry facilities are located inside each residence hall. The suite-style halls have a few machines on each floor. Students can operate these machines using coins, as well as debit/credit cards (VISA, Discover, MasterCard).  If you choose to use a card, there will be a $9.00 hold on the card for 72 hours to ensure that the funds are valid. 

How are the residence halls cleaned?

Suite-style residence rooms (bedroom, bathroom, communal space) have to be cleaned by the residents of the suite room. The custodial staffs in those buildings will clean the building-wide common areas (lounges, kitchens, hallways).