Housing and Residence Life

Spring 2018 Student Housing Checklist

Information is included below for housing transition processes that will occur over the next few months and over the winter break. Please read carefully and seek advisement from Housing and Residence Life staff with any questions or concerns.

Students currently living on campus in the fall semester do not have to sign another agreement for spring 2018. The 2017-18 agreement is for the full academic year. Students interested in living on campus again next year can sign the 2018-19 returning student online agreement in the myship portal for fall 2018 & spring 2019. All returning student housing deposits will be waived through November 10.

1. If you want to change your current room for the spring semester - Students requesting a room change for the spring semester in all residence halls must submit the Room Change Request form through their Residence Director and the Housing and Residence Life office by Wednesday, November 29, 2017, at 4:30 pm. All spring room change requests that come through after this deadline may not be approved until after February 6, 2018.

• Spring room change forms need to be noted at the top right corner that it is a Spring 2017 request.

• Approval will be determined based on the occupancy and may not be communicated until after February 6, 2018.

• All residents who are notified they are approved for room changes for Spring 2018 must check out of Fall 2017 assignment before departing campus for winter break.

• Half vacancies will not be cleaned prior to move in. Failure to move prior to departure for winter break will result in cancellation of approved change.

• Prior to Friday, December 15th, residents approved to move may coordinate with the RD to move whenever the prospective space becomes vacant.

• Residents approved to move can take items home and check-in to new space when returning to campus for Spring Semester, but you must communicate this to the RD.

• If a resident wants to have an incoming or re-admit student move in with them in the Spring semester, a Room Change Request form needs to be submitted listing the new resident. The resident will also need to ask his/her prospective new roommate to send an email to housing@ship.edu requesting to live in the space.

2. If you plan on withdrawing, transferring, are in a fall only one-semester agreement, or have had a release request approved by Housing and Residence Life - All students who are not returning to the residence halls for Spring 2018 must complete the Withdrawal from Residence Hall form. These are due by Friday, December 1, 2017, to the Housing and Residence Life office through the Resident Directors. Students already approved for a fall only housing one-semester agreement, due to graduation, student teaching, study abroad, etc. do not need to submit a Withdrawal from Residence Hall form.


• Please work with your Resident Director to obtain and submit a Withdrawal from Residence Hall form.

• All students not returning for the spring semester must officially check out of the residence hall by completing their Room Condition Report with the hall staff and returning their room key. All UPS keys need to be returned directly to the UPS Store in the CUB. Residence Hall staff will not take mailbox keys to turn them into UPS. You will be billed if you return your UPS key to the residence hall express check-out box.

3. If you are interested in requesting to be released from your current housing agreement - Residents desiring to commute from the home of their parent(s)/guardian(s) for Spring 2018 must submit a Request for Release from Housing Agreement form documenting the reasons. The form is available on the Housing and Residence Life forms website. These forms are due by Friday, December 1, 2017, to Housing and Residence Life. Release requests are not guaranteed.

• If approved, the Resident Director and the student will be notified and Withdrawal from Residence Hall form will need to be submitted.

• If not approved, students will be responsible for the payment of all housing fees on their student accounts according to the full academic year agreement that was signed.

4. If you are left in a half-vacant room at the end of the fall semester - All students with half vacant rooms in the fall semester should prepare their rooms to take in another resident by the end of the fall 2017 semester. New students may be assigned to these half vacancies and will potentially move in before returners come back to the residence halls in the Spring 2018 semester. If students in half vacancies are interested in consolidating to prevent this, please work with your Resident Director to identify how this change is possible. Students that do not prepare their rooms appropriately may be sanctioned with a failure to comply judicial violation.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding any of the information contained in this email.

Bill Yost

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life Administration
Housing and Residence Life
Shippensburg University
(717) 477-1615