Welcome to Shippensburg University Housing

Incoming First-Year and Transfer Students 2016-2017
At Shippensburg all students have the ability to select their own rooms and roommates.

1) Each new student is required to complete one of two housing options upon confirmation with Shippensburg University.

a) Sign a housing agreement and pay a $200 deposit.
Students living in university housing are required to meet the state meningitis requirement.

b) Sign a housing exemption in order to commute or live off campus.
McLean Gallery 2

2) Students can access a Facebook Application called RoomSync. The link is in the payment screen for the housing deposit and will be emailed to incoming students at the Shippensburg University email account. RoomSync passcodes will not be distributed to any Ship email accounts before November 16th for Spring 2016 or Fall 2016 housing.

3) After an incoming student confirms housing he/she will be placed in a housing lottery in order to request roommates or select a room in the MyHousing portal. After students find a roommate he/she will go into the MyHousing portal and mutually match each other before selecting a room.

4)The Overview/Summary page of your MyHousing portal stores the room assignments, roommate information, and room lottery details. When students are in a room lottery the system will allow the students to enter roommate requests and/or select rooms. After students have matched each other in the system the first roommate of the matching pair/s will select a room and pull the other students into the room. Room selections are final. The Housing Office reserves the right to consolidate students to a nearby room if the suite is not filled.

New suite selections of non-Living Learning Community suites (Kieffer Hall, Lackhove Hall, McCune Hall, Naugle Hall, Harley Hall, and Seavers Hall) will be from March 7, 2016 to May 15, 2016. Lottery times will be awarded in housing confirmation order. Living Learning Communities have been developed in the Suites. Students can select rooms in the Living Learning Communities by completing an online application. Spaces will be filled first come first served. Application will be accepted until June 5th. Map Application for LLC Instructions

5) Students who are living in university housing should complete housing preferences (personal and living preferences). Even if you request a specific roommate, or select your own room we recommend you enter your preferences. The Housing Office will use the preference information any time we make the Housing Assignment. Keep in mind preferences entered after assignments have been made will not be considered. You can enter and edit your preferences at any time. We recommend students select their own room during the lottery or room selection period.

6) Students who do not select a room will be assigned by the Housing Office beginning May 15th based on the preferences in the MyHousing portal based on the housing confirmation date. Most assignments will be posted in the MyHousing Portal by July 1st. Roommate requests will not be accepted after the room selection lottery ends as most empty suites will already be occupied.

7) To enter the MyHousing Portal click on: www.ship.edu, MyInfo, MyShip, sign in securely, Student, Ship Life, Connect to MyHousing.